NICKMERCS Joins FaZe Clan. “No Time For That Fake S***.”

NICKMERCS Joins FaZe Clan. No Time For That Fake S.
Source: FaZe Clan

The world of esports has had a lot of drama in the past few weeks, mostly surrounding FaZe Clan. NICKMERCS changed the momentum and brought us some good news. Find more details below.

FaZe Clan Hits a Few Bumps on the Road

In the past few weeks, FaZe Clan has been the center of attention after Tfue sued them. Tfue is one of FaZe Clan’s members, and he’s one of the biggest stars they have. He was signed back in April of 2018, and Tfue made massive strides to where he has 6 million Twitch followers. A few weeks back, Tfue initiated a lawsuit against his employer, FaZe Clan, citing that he has an “oppressive” contract.  The news blew up in the esports world, and more bad news came out of the lawsuit for FaZe Clan. It was reported that the organization has hired an underage player to join their Fortnite competitive scene. In the state of California, there are age restrictions for workers and FaZe violated the Labour Code. Additionally, players under the age of 13 cannot compete in Fortnite tournaments, as stated by Epic Games. There haven’t been any updates in regards to the case, however, FaZe wasn’t in a good situation. But that was going to change.


Another popular streamer by the name of NICKMERCS was playing for esports organization “100 Thieves”. In the last week, news surfaced that NICKMERCS was leaving 100 Thieves. No one really knew what was going on, however, one of the owners of 100 Thieves, Nadeshot, wasn’t in NICKMERCS good book. So what happened?

NICKMERCS Nadeshot Tweet Rumor 100 Thieves 5% Stake Ownership
Source: KEEM Twitter

Rumors proved to be correct as NICKMERCS replied back saying it’s no rumor. So Nadeshot and NICKMERCS had a conversation in regards to NICK’s future with 100 Thieves and a possible 5% stake of the company. What most likely happened is that Nadeshot promised NICKMERCS stake in the company as NICK wasn’t getting paid from the company (as he stated in one of his streams).

This conversation probably happened early in the organization’s lifecycle before 100 Thieves really blew up. Now, with all the backed investors in the pictures, Nadeshot’s “promise” quickly disintegrated and brushed under the carpet. NICKMERCS included this last tweet under 100 Thieves:


NICK’s future was unclear, however, many knew he was going to be picked up by another esports organization. With his close ties to FaZe Clan, and his relationship with many players from there, it only made sense that h would join them. The official announcement came from FaZe Clan’s official Twitter and Youtube page.

It’s a match made in heaven and one of the most popular signings for FaZe Clan since Tfue. The response from the community was highly positive, which many of NICK’s friends congratulating him. Here’s NICK’s introduction to FaZe:

With the announcement, NICK took to Twitter and said this:

“Loyalty over everything! No time for that fake shit. Time to celebrate the W! I appreciate ya’ll more than you know, thanks for rockin’ w/ me. #MFAM #FaZeUp”

Despite the bad news that was falling in the laps of FaZe, something good has finally come for the organization. We’re excited to see how the relationship between Nick and FaZe will grow. Congrats to NICKMERCS and FaZe Clan.

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