• One of the biggest streaming platforms decided to stop its operations. Mixer is saying good-bye.

Streaming wars is coming to an end with this decision. Mixer was founded by Microsoft as a way to enter the gaming market. Since it was dominated by Twitch it seemed very hard to have a sizeable share in the market. But things did not work in the beginning for Mixer, in the beginning at least. After they have signed big names like Shroud and Ninja it seemed to get a little bit better but it was definitely not even close to Twitch. As of today, Microsoft pulled the plug on Mixer in an abrupt decision.

Mixer Closing Down?

Mixer announced today that they will be closing operations and the community will be moved to Facebook Gaming. Streamers under contracts will be compensated and any contracts previously done will be voided if they chose not to continue with Facebook Gaming. They will be able to go wherever they want. Even big stars like Ninja and Shroud can return to Twitch in the light of these actions and can gather their old fans.

Mixer gave a lot of things to streamers such as contracts that is widely used today. However, no matter what their abrupt decision to close down will leave affect many people in the industry. On the other hand, Facebook Gaming is not considered as a replacement for Mixer by the most. Mixer needed a better hand to guide them to earn more recognition from the community. However, instead of waiting for this they abruptly decided to pull the plug. We do not know how will big streamers will answer this since they had contracts with the streaming platform. But by the looks of it, they will have new contracts with Facebook gaming as close as possible to the original contract.

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