Minecraft Dungeons Coming in 2020

Xbox Conference Minecraft Dungeons Coming in 2020
Source: Minecraft

One of the biggest games of our time, Minecraft, is getting another title called Minecraft Dungeons. Here’s what we know so far.

Minecraft Dungeons Coming in 2020

Xbox gaming news continues today with some major news. Minecraft is probably the biggest game outside of Steam and has seen success for years. The game earned a lot of acclaim from reviewers and players alike. Minecraft is a special type of game that speaks to all demographics. The game has a huge community and following. There are servers within servers and every player is trying to create something to survive. We have seen players who create cities spending thousands of hours just to make it perfect. We have seen players landing on the moon and other planets. You can create everything in Minecraft, and on top of this, you do not need high spec computers to run the game.

But Minecraft is not stopping with progress even with it’s success. Minecraft Dungeons is coming in 2020. The game will allow you to play with your friends where you all try to finish a massive dungeon. There are many bosses to beat and monsters to kill. Minecraft Dungeons sure looks like fun, with its core dynamics and movements, all original. Players will be able to play with up to 4 people. Every character has different abilities. There are sword fighters and players that can cast spells. It sure does look like fun.

The dungeons are looking extremely intense and there are some familiar things that we can see from the trailer. For example, the ability to revive your friends or archers with spells. So it does look like a little bit of inspiration from MMORPG games. Let us check out the trailer.

Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay Reveal Trailer 

Minecraft Dungeons Release Date

Minecraft: Dungeons release date is announced as Spring 2020. Coming to Windows, Xbox and with Xbox Game Pass

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