Kanamori “gachikun” Tsunehori is the Capcom Cup Champion [Street Fighter V]

Esports Kanamori gachikun Tsunehori is the Capcom Cup Champion [Street Fighter V]
Image credit: Capcom Fighters Youtube

A new Street Fighter V champion has emerged this year, winning his first Capcom Cup in his career. Gachikun isn’t a name that most would have expected to win the event, but consistency and patience proved to be the underlying factor in this years Street Fighter V tournament.

Kanamori Who?

Kanamori “gachikun” Tsunehori, who represents Red Bull won the Capcom Cup after beating 32 Street Fighter V players in Las Vegas. It wasn’t just any 32-man line-up; these were considered the best in the world.

Born in Hiroshima, Japan, gachikun wasn’t picked to win the tournament on prominent esports betting sites. However, he did put a dent to many betters who bet against him. He beat out Echo Fox’s Hajme “Tokido” Taniguchi as well as Detonation Gaming’s Hiromiki “Itabashi Zangief” Kumada. This was no easy task, given the fact that he was playing with patience during his gameplays. He outclassed these top players who were favorites to win the event.

Not an easy Tournament

Kanamori “gachikun” Tsunehori had one of the most intense tournament weekends of his life. Every game was a close one where he would have to come back many times during his matches to take the victory. His persistence and pace of the game helped him understand his opponents before they were able to conjure a strategy against his gameplay.

Gachikun and Itabashi Zangief’s grand finals was a sight to see as both players had a rough time to get to the finals. Itabashi Zangief’s Abigail seemed to be unbeatable in the very first set. He was thrusting jabs to stop all of gachikun’s maneuvers. Placing elaborate hits from every corner, Kanamori seemed like he was finally beat. But this didn’t deter gachikun who seemed like everything was going his way throughout the tournament.

How he became Champ
Esports Kanamori gachikun Tsunehori is the Capcom Cup Champion Street Fighter V
Image source: capcomprotour.com

Gachikun utilized his empty jump lows, throw baits to get Itabashi Zangief’s off his game a long side runaway tactics which would put a stamp on his Capcom Cup dreams. Gachikun was the most consistent player in the whole tournament, in which he came out at the top to win the event.

The Street Fighter V Capcom Cup isn’t exactly predictable. Comparing to women’s Tennis where the world #1 rarely wins the championship; the same can be said with the Street Fighter V Capcom Cup. Surprises, upsets, unbelievable turnouts is nothing new for the event. Tokido and Fudoh’s Fujimura Atsushi, elite players who were suppose to steal the show weren’t able to perform like
Kanamori “gachikun” Tsunehori.

World Standings

As of this writing, gachikun is ranked 18 in the world, and 6th in Asia. His total winnings from the Las Vegas event was $120,000. Prior to Las Vegas, he placed 8th overall at the SEA Major 2018 Region Finals. His showing at the Capcom Cup is one of the highlights of his career.

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