Halo Infinite Trailer and Gameplay Showcased

Halo Infinite Wallpaper
  • We finally got a first look at Halo Infinite at Xbox Games Showcase.

Halo is one of the most iconic games out there. Halo’s original trilogy is a classic without any doubts. It has been nearly 2 decades since the first Halo game. But the hype is still there. The game became a flagship for Xbox for years and it will continue to be the same by the looks of it. For the first time, a Halo game will be released on Windows PC as well as Xbox, and it might be cross-play as well, but there are no words on it yet. We saw the trailer and the gameplay let us take a look.

As you can see the trailer is has a different feel than most game trailers. It does start just like an advertisement for a product and later changes the tone. We did not get a lot of information about the game from the trailer, besides the release date. Let us check the gameplay trailer.

The gameplay trailer showed us a vast open world, where players can roam with vehicles, and possibly many more. The weapons and the feel of it does look very good. We can be sure that the Halo World will be really big since the game is more mobile than expected. The UI is updated and now it has a more sleek look. The UI on Halo Master Chief was under fire by players especially since its release on PC. The gameplay does look very fluid and responsive as well.

However, we feel that we did not see enough for Halo. It is nice to see the gameplay, but many of us were expecting something bigger. We did not see the multiplayer or any other aspect of the game.  Since the Covid-19 pandemic started many companies had to work from home including 343 Industries. This might be the reason why we did not see any gameplay for the multiplayer. However, even though this is a viable reason, the game will come out in less than 6 months, and it is normal that players expected more.

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