FaZe Clan Might Be In Trouble for Signing H1ghSky1

FaZe Clan Might Be In Trouble for Signing H1ghSky1
Source: Twitter

FaZe Clan might be in trouble for signing a minor to their Fortnite esports team. H1ghSky1, who was signed on May 22nd was reportedly 12 years old at the signing. 

FaZe is in Trouble for Signing Minor H1ghSky1

FaZe Clan, a very popular esports organization, made news last week for all the wrong reasons. One of their star players sued them over contract issues. On top of this, there are allegations of FaZe Clan signing a young star into their team. The problem surfaced that FaZe signed a pro player by the name of H1ghSky1, who happened to be 12 years old at the signing. The problem is, any age below 13 is considered a minor to work in the State of California. Another problem is Epic Games is very strict about the ages of players who can compete at a professional level. Any person below the age of 13 is unable to compete in official Fortnite tournaments.

H1ghSky1 was signed by FaZe clan on March 22, 2019. The announcement can be seen from the H1ghSky1 twitter page.

FaZe H1ghSky1 Tweet

Reports from Upcomer.com states that the H1ghSky1 age issue was first mentioned by the Tfue lawsuit. In the subjected document it is written as “widely publicized that FaZe Clan has recently signed an 11-year-old gamer/artist. Upon information and belief, FaZe clan has not only lied about the minor’s age but also pressured the minor and his family to do so. Such conduct was in violation of Labor Code § 1700.36.

This statement can be seen here:

Tfue Lawsuit Case Minor Signed by Faze Clan
Image Source Superior Court of the state of California, County 8 of Los Angeles Central District
H1ghSky1’s Age

H1ghSky1 looks very young, which had some fans speculating his age. There might be no way for FaZe Clan to get out of this without taking damage. It appears that back in April of 2012, H1ghSky1’s mother wished him a happy fifth birthday on Twitter.  This creates many problems for H1ghSky1 as well as FaZe Clan. H1ghSky1 will probably not be able to stream nor participate in the competitions for the time being. He has more than 400,000 twitch followers and more than 800,000 Youtube subs. He could lose practically everything.

Subjecting a minor to this kind of affair is punishable. At best, FaZe Clan will lose their player, and H1ghSky1 won’t be able to compete until he reaches the minimum age. For the time being, FaZe Clan has refrained from commenting on the subject.

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