Esports Charts Partners With TSM To Provide Statistical Data Analysis

Esports Charts Partners With TSM To Provide Statistical And Data Analysis
  • Esports Charts has announced their partnership with Team Solomid, one of the biggest esports organizations in the world.

Esports Charts Partners With TSM To Provide Statistical Data Analysis

As the esports world grows, so do the partnerships. Organizations are looking for more insights into certain industry metrics, and recently TSM partnered with Esports Charts to gain more valuable insight into the growing industry.

Esports Charts is a data service provider that looks deep into the trends of esports development. Specifically, they help companies look into the numbers behind major esports events and to better understand the numbers. Ivan Danishevsky, founder of Esports Charts said,

“We believe that our work not only provides value to esports in general, but also to teams and organizations in particular. Our analytics provides broadcasting performance metrics that enable better sponsor-organization relationships thus improving ad potency and profit growth for great partners of ours like Team SoloMid. I’m proud to make esports better, together!”

Walter Wang, TSM’s Head of Operations said that the are looking forward to working with EC.

”Their offerings of top line accurate data will help us make the best most informed decisions for our business.”

Esports Data

The esports industry continues to grow, and so does competition. Organizations are looking for more insight into the development of esports so that they can have an edge on their competition. Things such as how to better understand what the trends are, as well as what fans are looking for is a key advantage in the growing industry. Additionally, esports organizations not only have players that compete in tournaments. They have a brand that they need to keep intact, and that also means employing content creators who will help build their brand, aka streamers.

That’s another aspect from Esports Charts services that they offer; tapping into the growth of the streaming world and the audiences, understanding why viewers subscribe to one streamer and not the other. Although EC doesn’t state how they do their analysis exactly, they state that they have the tools to perform data analysis and help organizations make better decisions.

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