Epic Games Publishing is Coming Soon

Epic Games Publishing is Coming Soon
  • Epic Games is entering another business in the gaming industry with Epic Games Publishing. 

Epic Games Store was one of the main topics of the last year. After a very successful year with Fortnite, Epic Games decided to open full war against Steam. This was and still is a huge effort. Steam is the market leader by a large margin. However, Epic Games decided to take another route, they offered the developers very good terms if they use their store and on top of it, they offered players 1-2 free games every week. These games included several known titles like Subnautica, Kingdom Come Deliverance and many more. However, Epic Games is entering into another business venture as Epic Games Publishing is announced.

What is Epic Games Publishing?

Epic Games Publishing is aiming to be the middle man between the developers and the gamers. They are offering very generous terms to developers, such as localization to development costs. Also, they are offering 50% to developers once the Epic Games Publishings costs are paid. This is an insane offer for many developers and it will pique their interest for sure. However, we can be sure that Epic Games Store made them lose money until now. Epic Games announced that last year $680 million was spent in their store. However, the number of exclusive deals and many more costs made people think that they lost money.

Of course, nobody was expecting them to earn money in their first year. However, Epic Games earned a lot of money from Fortnite and they are trying to enter new ventures which would only make sense for a company of that size.

Epic Games publishing is one of these new ventures. When we take a look at Steam, they do not seem overly troubled with the dealings of Epic Games. After all, Steam still is the biggest gaming market with a lot of good games under their banner as Valve. Steam also recently broke 20 million players due to the Coronavirus forcing people to stay home. Epic Games Publishing will be a considerable force in the market if they can do it right.

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