EA Games Will Be Available On Steam In The Near Future

EA Games Will Be Available On Steam In The Near Future

EA and Steam to team up once again after the split in 2011. Steam will now have the old and upcoming games of EA available on its platform.

EA posted a cryptic tweet on the 26th of this month. That tweet gathered a lot of speculation and attention. Gamers started to theorize that EA after the 2011 split with steam will again be teaming up with Steam. This was just made official. EA has its own platform, “Origin.” As a gamer, it is quite frustrating to keep track of multiple platforms and different purchases. This comes as humongous news for gamers all around the globe.

EA and Steam shake hands

EA is planning to start off with a big boom by bringing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order first to Steam. This is a big franchise and would be the first game to come on Steam after the split in 2011. EA also announced plans to bring its EA Access subscription service to Steam in the coming year, which will allow players to access a variety of EA games from Steam.

“At the core, we are game makers, and our aspiration is to connect as many people as we can to the great games that we built and make it as frictionless as possible for them to do that,” explained Mike Blank, senior vice president at EA. “So with more players playing more games and more platforms, frankly, we want to be where the players are.” Steam has undoubtedly been a second home for gamers. It is great that EA is acknowledging the vast population of Steam.

Not just Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s will be released on Steam, but also major hits such as The Sims 4, Unravel 2Apex Legends, FIFA 20, and Battlefield V will also arrive soon.

Even though this bond is happening, these two platforms will be still treated differently. If you have purchased any EA games in the past, there won’t be any transferability option of those games on Steam. You will have to still continue to play those games on Origin.

Probably, the new games that would be coming to Origin would also be available for sale at Steam. Even though there won’t be a transfer option, you would still be able to get a copy of the same game on Steam if you like all your games in a single place. They also said that they will allow cross-play. Both gaming clients are on PC, so it is great that crossplay would be available.

The EA Access on Steam will be almost similar to EA’s console subscription services, but it won’t be like the larger options available on Origin Access.

“I would anticipate that the catalog of games you’ll see will be more akin to what you see on EA Access on Xbox or PlayStation,” said Blank. EA Access on the Xbox One has around 80 games, while the PS4 contains roughly half of that. Origin Access and Origin Access Premier comparatively make many more titles available on PC. EA is still figuring out what games to put in the catalog for PC. The pricing will be the same as we have witnessed for the consoles.

With the release of Crysis 2 in 2011, EA and Steam split. EA blamed Steam’s “set of business terms”. Steam prevented the release of the game due to Crytek having a deal with another platform.

“It’s a new way of working with Valve.” – EA

EA didn’t comment much about what was the realization of change that brought the whole situation to this.  They also didn’t comment about the special terms that had been mutually decided, if any.

EA will lose money on the games because of the obvious commission that will be taken by Steam due to the new partnership. But EA is most probably thinking to make up for that money and maybe even earn more. By taking the products to where the player base resides is a bold and clever move. Maybe the potential buyers never got to buy the game because of the game being on a different gaming client. Now that the games of EA will get more exposure, clearly the sales and demand will also get affected.

According to Blank, EA is “open to new partnerships,” one can only guess where EA will be taking shelter next. This is a good step from a gamer-friendly viewpoint. It is refreshing to see companies merging interests to make a better place for the ultimate consumers – the gamers. Hopefully, the progress achieved in the games on Origin can be carried forward on Steam. One can only dream of a day where all the games in different places would be available in a single place. That would the epitome of accessibility and comfort for any gamer for sure.

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