BMW Signs Sponsorship Deal With Cloud9

BMW Signs Sponsorship Deal With Cloud9

Automotive giant BMW signs with Cloud9 Esports organization.

Esports is growing by the second. 10 years ago nobody could have imagined the impact Esports would have today. But here we are now, with more and more big name brands sponsoring Esports teams. The latest addition is BMW sponsoring Cloud9. As Esports scene grows in popularity, companies  around the world are taking more notice  and sponsoring is seen much more frequently. Tournaments are watched by hundreds of thousands of people and players have now become influencers.


The American team, founded in 2013 is best known for their early LoL success. They have built over a dozen teams since then as they continue to grow on the sponsor side of their business. This is the second big sponsorship in less then a week for Cloud9 as they locked in with AT&T earlier in the week. Cloud 9 is now partnered with AT&T, BMW, Red Bull, Scretlab, HyperX and Omen (HP).


There are millions of players, generally young people, trying to get into competitive play. They are stopping everything in their lives to try to become full time streamers or youtubers. Because the top players and streamers earn a good amount of money, many young players find this attractive and see it as a viable source of income.

Being a top player requires something a little extra. Fast reflexes, good aim and a cool back ground won’t get you there. One needs to know how to entertain while playing at the same time. Today’s esport’s world is a huge market with many different game types available. The most prominent title right now in is Fortnite. With recent news about its World Cup prize pool, players of all calibers are given an equal opportunity to qualify. Although an open qualifier is very lucrative it can also increase addiction as players will do whatever it takes to try and qualify.


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