Bizzard Bans 74000 Accounts in World of Warcraft

Bizzard Bans 74,000 Accounts in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is one of the best MMORPG’s still out there. The game may have lost its former grandeur however, they still have a huge community. Granted Battle for Azeroth was not the best of expansions for this game and some players are feeling that Blizzard threw away several years of the game to drain. However, there is still a big community that cares and tries to improve the game. Since Battle for Azeroth was a bust many players set their eyes upon Shadowlands expansion. But there is still some time for that and because the game allows players to turn their gold from the game to game-time or money in Blizzard account, there was some shady things going on for some time.

Blizzard introduced the WoW tokens several years ago since players were fed up with paying subscriptions every month. However, WoW tokens were not a specific price, They change price with the availability in the market. The games market became a nostalgic unique store for many players since collectors wanted these items. If you were able to get a nice item into the store there was a chance of paying for your WoW game time for 5-6 months. This brought in bots into the game, where they would help the other players with stuff, including earning gold. Also using games exploits to earn gold became an epidemic.

Blizzard finally banned 74,000 accounts in the game for illegal activities. Blizzard also stated that they will continuously monitor the state of the game. Of course, Blizzard lost some credibility over the last few months especially after the BlitzChung issue in the Hearthstone tournament. We do hope that they will be able to keep the game clean for some time, at least until Shadowlands release. You can read Blizzard’s statement from here.

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