ESPN Announces EXP Esports Series. Apex Legends Stars In First Two Tournaments.

ESPN Announces EXP Esports Series. Apex Legends Stars In First Two Tournaments.
Source: ESPN

ESPN just announced a new esports series called EXP. Apex Legends will be the first game featured in this new tournament at the ESPY’s in July.

What is EXP?

ESPN has announced a new series of esports competitions called EXP; short for experience. The competitions will be held at ESPN-owned events, which has started with the first-ever Collegiate Esports Championship last month. The EXP will include a mix of:

  • Professional
  • Collegiate
  • Pro-Am

There will be multiple game genres at the EXP. For example, at the Collegiate Esports Championship last month, games that were featured were: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Overwatch and StarCraft II.

ESPN will feature live events via their app, and show tape-delayed shows on ESPN and ABC. All of this is part of ESPN’s initiative to tap into a growing audience for esports events.

“We remain committed to serving gaming fans across all platforms and content types, and Apex Legends is the perfect title to showcase EXP’s vision of offering world-class live esports events anchored by storytelling and multi-platform distribution.” – Justin Connolly, executive vice president of Disney & ESPN affiliate sales

EXP Pro-Am Apex Legends Competition

Part of ESPN’s new esports series, Apex Legends will be taking the lead this summer, being featured at two of EXP events:

  1. 2019 ESPYS
  2. X Games Minneapolis 2019.

With the EXP Pro-Am Apex Legends event, celebrities and influencers will team up in a competitive tournament at the ESPYS on July 11th in Los Angeles. As well, there will be an EXP Invitation which will also feature Apex Legends taking place between August 1st to the 4th at the X Games in Minneapolis. With all this news coming out, ESPN will also give the opportunity for fans to win a spot to play with influencers, celebrities and athletes at the Pro-Am which is a nice touch.

In order to get a spot at the Pro-Am, fans will need to donate at starting June 12th to the 22nd.

“EXP, short for experience, has been central to gaming history, and giving fans a great experience is central to our strategy at ESPN.” – John Lasker, vice president of digital programming at ESPN

Not only is this great for the esports industry, but considering what Apex Legends has gone through over the past months, this was much needed positive news for the battle royale game.

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