100 Thieves 2020 Jersey Is Revealed

100 Thieves 2020 Jersey Is Revealed

100 Thieves is an apparel company first. Nadeshot, the founder and co-owner of 100 thieves mentioned that during a public announcement last year. 100 Thieves is known for selling out their apparel when released. They recently released their new collection which consisted of cream hoodie sweaters and basic long sleeve white shirts; all being sold out within hours. Fans eagerly await for news of upcoming collections. Well, a nice surprise came today when the official 100 Thieves website showcased their 2020 esports jersey.

100 Thieves 2020 Jersey

The new 100 thieves 2020 jersey is a statement about being different. This is the aim of the new 2020 jersey; to stand out from the crowd. Subscribers of the 100 Thieves newsletters received a notification of the reveal today as well as when the preorders will be open. This coming Saturday, fans will be able to place their orders on the 100thieves website. Like all their previous jersey’s, fans will need to preorder them, and once the window is closed, you won’t be able to buy them again from the store.

100 Thieves New Esports Jersey For 2020
Source: 100Thieves.com

Here is the promo tweet from the 100 Thieves official twitter account:

Taken from the 100 Thieves website:

“Witness the beginning of a new decade of 100 Thieves. Debuting today and releasing throughout the year, the 2020 Jersey Program separates us from the pack in the arena and on the street. Today we unveil the first colorways: our Primary, Secondary, and Alternate jerseys. The Primary and Secondary jerseys will be available for purchase this Saturday, the 18th.

PRIMARY: For 2020, we’re taking a bold new approach, choosing our signature red to be our Primary jersey. Representing the passion of our dans and the survivalist attitude of our professional teams, the Primary jersey embodies our attitude for 2020.

SECONDARY: The color of integrity and perfection, white was typically reserved for the most important of rituals. We strive to bring these qualities to each match we play, which is why we chose white with a clean and modern update as our Secondary jersey fir 2020.

Fans Give Mixed Reaction

Throughout social media, fans seemed to give mixed reactions to the first reveal for the 100 Thieves 2020 jersey. On Twitter, fans were both excited and disappointed. @TWOpieceJD said, “This is the start? Gotta be more to it. I was really excited to see it and now I’m a little disappointed.“. Another user by the name of @SpaceWaffless said, “Boring. Hardly looks any different. I don’t understand the hype“.

Although many fans were expecting more, there are others who can’t wait for the release:

If you’re interested in preordering the new 2020 100 Thieves jersey, you’ll need to be prepared this coming Saturday on the 18th as typically the store’s inventory sells out fast.

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