What Does League Have In Store With Worlds Patch 9.19?

What Does League Have In Store With Worlds Patch 9.19
  • With just two weeks to go till Worlds 2019, League players are anxious to check out what possible changes Riot has in store with Patch 9.19. you can read about the changes below.

What Does League Have In Store With Worlds Patch 9.19?

The 2019 Season Worlds Championship begins on 2nd October at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris. But before the Worlds, Riot is releasing the Worlds Patch 9.19 which will include a host of changes to your favorite champions. With the best teams in the world fighting it out for bragging rights, we look into what the champion adjustments teams will have to adapt to in order to bring the cup home.


Gragas: The massive brewmaster Jungle is being hit with a massive nerf on it’s W, Drunken Rage. The cooldown witnesses an increase from 5 to 6 seconds. The bonus magic damage is brought down as well from 8% to 7% of the target’s maximum health.

Karma: Guess we’re gonna be seeing less Q spams for a while as the AP ratio is being decreased from 60% to 40%.

Sejuani: Bristle’s rider will see a change in her passive. Instead of dealing 10/15/20% (based on level) damage, Icebreaker will now deal 10% of the target’s maximum HP.

Sylas: We’re seeing base stats changes on this one and we’re not surprised. Armor is being decreased massively from 32 to 25 with armor per level increase being changed from 3 to 2.5 per level. However, an attack speed improvement from .645 to .711 is there.

Tahm Kench: Currently, Tahm Kench heals for 75% of his Grey Health over time. This will now range from 30-100% depending upon the Champion’s level.

Yuumi: Plenty of changes in the slow of Prowling Projectile. Slow duration is now 1 second instead of 1.5. From 20-80%, slow is now at a constant 20%. It no longer decays like it used to.

Yuumi LoL Worlds
Source: Riot


Ashe: The archer’s passive, Frost Shot now slows enemies down by 20-30% instead of 15-30%. Her Q will now reset auto attacks.

Blitzcrank: Plenty of talk around the Golem in this patch. The rocket grab’s target range is now 1oo units more from 1050 to 1150. Static Field’s passive now stacks a maximum of 3 times, previously being twice.

Cassiopeia: Twin Fang’s empowered damage now receives a tweak from 10-90 to 20-100.

Fiora: The most feared duelist can now hit towers, plants, and wards with her Q. The E2 can now critically striker towers as well. Better split pushing maybe?

Graves: Subtle change of a base stat on Graves. His AD sees an improvement from 66 to 69.

Heimerdinger: The worlds patch is bringing in a few changes to our favorite yordle. The base HP is going up from 488 to 500 making it less squishy now early game. Turret’s AP ratio is now being brought up to 35% from the previous 30%. The stun duration of the grenade is also being increased to 1.5 seconds from 1.25 seconds.

Mordekaiser: Damage dealt to shield generation sees an increase from 30% to 35%.  Spectators can also see who the target is for Mordekaiser’s ultimate.

Orianna: Previously, the damage from Orianna’s ultimate used to be 150-300 (70% AP). Now it’s getting a massive upgrade to 200-350 (80%). We’re watching you Jensen!

Ornn: The forger now becomes a Master Craftsman a little earlier in the game. Masterwork items can now be crafted at level 12, previously being level 13.

Rek’Sai: The burrower’s armor is seeing a decent upgrade of 3 units from 33 to 36. Unburrowed Q now even works on towers.

Rek'Sai LoL Worlds Buff
Source: Riot

Riven: Plenty of questionable buffs on the swordmaster over here. Ki Burst’s AD ratio just went up to a massive 130% from 100%. Ultimate also sees a drastic increase in damage from 100-200 (+60%AD) to 150-300 (+90%AD). The execute however deals physical damage in the range of 0-100% previously being 0-200% based on target’s missing health.

Sion: The only change on Sion centers around it’s W, Soul Furnace. The shield strength is much better now from 30-130 to 50-150.

Twisted Fate: The passive of E, Stacked Deck will now have a higher attack speed of 20-40% from 10-30%. It will even deal more damage than ever with a slight increase from 55-155 to 65-165.

Vayne: The bonus damage from Vayne’s ultimate was previously 20-40 and now it’s much higher in the range of 25-55.

Veigar: You’ll be stuck with Veigar in late game more often than not now. The cooldown of Event Horizon will now decrease from 18-14 seconds to 18-12 seconds.

Xin Zhao: A few noticeable changes on Xin Zhao in this worlds patch. The heal on XZ’s passive has been amped up from 8-59 to 10-78 every third hit. His Q, Three Talon Strike sees an increase in terms of damage from 20-40 to 20-52.

Zac: The final champion we’re looking at today is our green glob, Zac. Previously, Zac’s chunks would help you restore health by a maximum of 4%. Now that will vary upon champion level from 4-6%. You can also ping it’s cooldown now, something we can get behind on.

The aforementioned changes are “current and testing. Not yet final, feedback is welcome!” as per the words of Mark Yetter, the Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends on this worlds patch 9.19.

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