V5 vs BLG, EDG vs VG – 2019 LPL Spring Matches Recap

2019 League of Legends LPL Spring Matches Recap 4
source: twitter lpl

Day 4 of the 2019 LPL spring split’s second week saw Bilibili Gaming and EDward Gaming bounce back from losses to take down Victory Five and Vici Gaming

Bilibili Gaming and EDward Gaming are back on the win column. Following setbacks to OMG and Snake Esports, respectively, the two teams closed out their week with wins over Victory Five and Vici Gaming. LPL newcomers V5 are still looking for their first series win, while LPL mainstay Vici is also winless through two series.

v5 vs BLG 2019 lpl spring split recap
Source: twitter LPL
V5 vs BLG
Game 1

Victory Five followed its aggressive draft with an equally aggressive start. Jungler Tu “Ben4” Xin-Cheng (Xin Zhao) and mid laner Lei “Corn” Wen (Galio) picked off BLG’s Zeng “Metoer” Guo-Hao (Camille) roaming up the river for the first kill. Bilibili’s bottom lane Xie “Jinjiao” Jin-Shan and Peng “Mni” Fang, using the classic Lucian-Braum combo, dominated V5’s pairing to take the first turret.

BLG held the advantage after destroying Victory Five’s outer turrets. As the  LPL newcomers tried to even things by destroying their opponent’s top lane turret, BLG’s mid laner Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng (Lissandra) bought time by surviving a four-men dive with a great Ultimate, giving his team a chance to collapse onto V5. Bilibili Gaming secured three kills and headed straight to the Baron pit, also securing the buff.

BLG opened up the mid lane inhibitor before moving to the bottom side. A good engage by Kang “ADD” Geon-mo (Poppy) created the opening Bilibilig needed to go for the game. The team scored an ace and easily destroyed the Nexus.

Game 2

With an early top lane gank, Metoer (Camille) took down Lim “Jinoo” Jin-woo (Jayce) for the first blood. BLG got a huge momentum swing as ADD stole the Rift Herald, and the team used it to take down the first turret. Just like in game 1, Bilibili had a better control over the map and opened up the map by taking down V5’s outer turrets.

BLG scored a huge teamfight win at the 25 minute mark, heading towards the Baron. V5’s players spawned in time to contest the call and forced the objective to reset as BLG dropped back. In a replay of the earlier play, Bilibili won another mid lane teamfight. This time, however, the team secured an uncontested Baron. With a single push, BLG demolished V5’s base and closed out the series.


EDG vs VG 2019 lpl spring split recap
Twitter: LPL
Game 1

Vici Gaming tried to shake things up with a Cassiopeia pick for AD Carry Ding “Puff” Wang. An aggressive dive by jungler Li “Aix” Yang (Xin Zhao) helped by a top lane roam by Chen “Jay” Bo (Lissandra) secured the first kill of the game for VG. EDG used its much better rotations to open up space around the map, taking down three turrets along with the bonus gold for the first one.

In a relatively slow game, EDG contained Vici with a well-executed macro game, easily setting up a sneaky Baron call as VG had no vision around the pit. The only major issue for the three-time LPL champions was a split-pushing top laner Xia “Chelizi” Han-Xi  (Jax). But even though Chelizi destroyed EDG’s bottom lane inhibitor by himself, EDG’s five-men push proved out to be much more effective.

Jungler Chen “Haro” Wen-Lin made good use of his Karthus pick and top laner Jeon “Ray” Ji-won’s (Jayce) constant poke drove the remaining four VG players away from the objectives. Chelizi teleported back to help his team, but it was already too late. EDward Gaming took down Vici’s top laner to complete the ace and secured the win.

Game 2

Vici made an important adjustment to its composition with a Nocturne pick for Aix. Even before hitting the level 6 spike, the jungler showed up for a bottom lane gank and caught AD Carry Hu “iBoy” Xian-Zhao (Ezreal) in a bad spot to secure the first blood. Aix continued to focus the bottom side of the map, as VG used the advantage to take the first turret along with two elemental buffs.

A pickoff on Haro (Xin Zhao) created the opportunity VG needed to go for a Baron call. Chelizi’s split push once again turned out to be an issue for EDG to deal with. The powerplay eventually came to a halt as Vici got a bit greedy and forced an unnecessary dive under one of EDward Gaming’s outer turret. EDG fought back to secure two kills and VG had to fall back.

As the teams grouped around the mid lane to control the area surrounding the Baron pit, Aix executed a beautiful Ultimate to split EDG’s formation. Vici picked their opponents off one by one and scored an ace. With EDG’s mid lane down to an inhibitor turret, VG rushed towards the base and successfully forced the tiebreaker.

Game 3

Aix (Jarvan) again focused the bottom side with an early gank. Following a long 3-on-3 fight, VG walked away with the first blood an two kills to one. Featuring two marksmen, EDG knew that its mid laner Lee “Scout” Ye-chan (Vayne) would be the primary carry. Placed in a favorable matchup against Jay (Galio), Scout continued to pile up resources.

It all paid off at the 23 minute mark. While Vici had a better early game and secured the first three turrets, EDG found a good teamfight off an engage by their opponents. VG had seemingly found the perfect fight as Aix successfully engaged onto Scout, but the EDG mid laner got himself back in position with a well-timed stopwatch followed by a Cleanse. As Scout continued to hit freely from the backline, EDward Gaming turned the fight around and scored an ace.

EDG turned the good fight into a Baron, but with the three lanes pushing in VG’s favor, it still wouldn’t be enough to close the game. Vici survived the initial push, at the cost of two inhibitors, punishing EDG for overextending inside the base. Vici then tried to surprise with a sneaky Baron call, but EDG contested it in time. The fight naturally went EDG’s way, leading to another ace. The team had a clear path to the Nexus and finally closed out the series.

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