TSM Hands Team Liquid Their First Defeat of the Season [LoL]

TSM Gave their First Defeat of the Season League of Legends LoL Esports (2)

Origen surprised G2 Esports in Europe, while Team SoloMid, through their new top-lane player, found an advantage to defeat Team Liquid’s punishable expedition that was unstoppable in the LCS until last night.

Pressure Facing Team SoloMid

Instead of succumbing to pressures after another desperate start in the LCS League, Team SoloMid tied two games last week and returned to the middle the leaderboards. Although they are still far from top position, their performance has calmed down their hardcore fans and reassure them that things will be better. This time in the center of attention was the Turkish top lane player, Sergen “Broken Blade” Celik, who showed what Jax can do if he does not stop at the beginning of the game.

TSM Being Consistent

TSM played great as a whole. The jungler of team, Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham, who has lately been a constant target of criticism, is now the most important player on the team. He has played the best match so far in the season, allowing his team to take the advantage in the lanes. He converted the first lane into an essential objective on the map, and then carried forward for the win which was a tactic that Akaadian hasn’t used before.

In an interview after the victory, Soren’s Bjergsen Bjerg, the leader of the squad said that the main reason for their victory was that they trained hard against Liquid. They learned a lot from them, mentioning that they initially lost most of the games. This gave an unprecedented honor to rivals, which obviously are highly respected. But despite the dominance Team Liquid showed in the game, they were able to take positives from it. It seems that Team SoloMid has the necessary self-confidence to put them on the road in the playoffs and try to prevent them from reaching the third consecutive title.

LCS Playoffs

The playoff has a long way to go, only after the next round in the LCS will be in half of the group part of the championship. As they recalled, starting the season a week later after the LEC league wasn’t easy.

And here’s what the table looks like for now:

1. Team Liquid 7-1
2. Cloud9 6-2
3. FlyQuest 5-3
4. Team SoloMid 4-4
4. Counter Logic Gaming 4-4
4. Echo Fox 4-4
7. Golden Guardians 3-5
7. 100 Thieves 3-5
9. Clutch Gaming 2-6
9. OpTic Gaming 2-6

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