Top 5 Streamers to Watch [League of Legends]

Top 5 Streamers to Watch League of Legends Esports LoL Twitch
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  • Streamers are a very important part of the League community. Whether on Twitch or YouTube, they are instrumental to the growth of the community. We will review 5 of the best Content Creators. Here are the Top 5 Streamers to watch; their strong points and what makes them so popular.
Top 5 Streamers to Watch

2018 served as the year with most participation of the League of Legends Streaming Community at Riot Games official events.  Playing several friendly games, and even going side by side with pros to be part of All-Stars teams. Streamers have always been strong personalities in the industry. They have promoted this game extensively and are the reason to why the user base of League of Legends is where it’s at; all reinforced marketing through positive channels.

Let’s take this chance to review some of the most dedicated content creators out there, and reasons why you should probably see them play. In no particular order, here are the Top 5 Streamers to Watch in League of Legends.

5. LoLTyler1
Top 5 Streamers to Watch loltyler1 League of Legends Twitch
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LoLTyler1 has become practically a brand by himself, offering excellent entertainment based on his strong personality. He’s also a decent player, participating at a high level of gaming (channel here). Tyler’s recognition from Riot Games got to the extent of them offering Tyler to host the All Stars 2018 last December. The company even gave him a personalized gift sent directly to his place.

What makes Tyler1 such a huge name in the League of Legends community is his over-the-top reactions to everything, and his grounded opinions at the same time. Tyler is a funny and charismatic man, and of course, this is exaggerated for spectacle over his stream. But viewers also relate to his lifestyle, having simple equipment to play videogames, and his opinions, since most could understand his frustration about ADCs state last year, for example.

4. Imagtpie
Top 5 Streamers to Watch Imagtpie League of Legends Twitch Michael Santana
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We cannot talk about Tyler1 without mentioning his nemesis: Michael Imaqtpie Santana (channel here). If Tyler’s stream is loud and talkative, Imaqtpie definitely fits in this Top 5 Streamers to Watch list. Imaqtpie delivers equally the same amount of entertainment ad Loltyler1, as his trademark seems to be the sarcastic commentary and low-key humor. The fact that they both play ADC only reinforces the rivalry. As well, other things such as they had different degrees of success on different patches.

Putting aside his comparison with Tyler1, Imaqtpie has a lot to offer on his stream. Just his relaxed tone and expressions will probably be enough to make you laugh. But his random comments and reactions will make it for an entertaining stream. He is also an ex-pro player who has maintained a high level ever since his days in the professional scene. So you can be sure there’ll be high quality plays also.


3. Tobias Fate
Top 5 Streamers to Watch Tobias Fate League of Legends Twitch
Image source: Tobias Fate YT

Tobias Fate is one of the funniest streamers out right now (channel here), and the reason to say this is his incredible reactions and frustration when things go poorly (maybe loud streamers have the advantage in the market). But, Tobias Fate is a Gangplank main who knows everything there is to know about the champion. So his stream is a great place to learn it all: barrel combos, builds, matches, ultimate usage, and more. Tobias even plays to this theme, putting a lot of pirate songs in the stream, so if you like pirates you will definitely enjoy this streamer.

Who hasn’t felt the frustration to go against a Neeko disguised as a 10% health enemy? So we blow summoners and ultimate to “kill it”, but in reality, we end up playing ourselves and dying. If so you will probably relate to the frustration coming from the iconic “IT WAS NEEEEEEEKO!!!” scream from Tobias and laugh your lungs out.

2. LL Stylish
Top 5 Streamers to Watch LL Stylish League of Legends Twitch
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We cannot make a Top 5 Streamers to Watch list without mentioning our PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRA boy LL Stylish (channel here). If you want to see some of the best Zed plays you could ever imagine, this is the place for you. LL Stylish has done every trick in the book: lethal, attack speed, off-tank, and has been successful doing it. He is also an expert on shadow placement, so outplays are common to see in his stream. Finally, we have to mention again his battle cry every time he kills an enemy, making for a amusing and different show. So if you also dab and PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRA every time you outsmart your opposition, give this one a chance.

1. Just Wind Wall all your problems
Top 5 Streamers to Watch Yassuo League of Legends Twitch
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Last but not least, we recommend you to check out Yassuo’s channel. This guy is incredibly good with the champion, so you will see the potential of someone who actually knows how to play Yasuo, and not your average Solo Queue disaster. He is also really interactive with his community. Constantly talking to them during streams, and going to the extent of making events, such as roadtrips to Korea to play in their server. And he is constantly looking for beef with other streamers such as LL Stylish and TF Blade, so there’s always to talk about on the Internet when watching this guy.

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