2019 League of Legends Pro League Spring Split [W1D4] Recap

topsports and snake esports lpl 2019 day 4

TOPsports comes back from behind to take down LPL newcomers Victory Five while Snake Esports scored a surprising win over EDward Gaming. Here is a breakdown of the fourth day.

Day 4 of the LPL 2019 spring split saw Victory Five make its debut with a 2-1 defeat to TOPsports Gaming. The second best-of-3 series of the day had some surprises in store as Snake Esports scored a comeback win over powerhouse EDward Gaming.

TOPsports grinds out a win over LPL newcomers Victory Five

It wasn’t pretty, but TOPsports survived against new for 2019 team Victory Five to claim its first win of the season. V5 won the first game, but the more experienced TOP team completed the comeback to win the series.

Game 1: Victory Five marks its LPL debut with a win

Only three minutes into the first game, the LPL newcomers went for a top lane dive on TOPsports’ Bai “369” Jia-Hao (Sion), and V5’s jungler Hu “Pepper” Zhi-Wei (Camille) walked away with the first blood. At the 12 minute mark, TOP committed its five players to a bottom lane dive, successfully securing two kills and the first turret. TOP went for an overly ambitious mid lane dive, and V5 came out on top of the ensuing fight with two kills to one, using the advantage to go for the Baron. TOP was able to contest and stop the call.

The two teams reset the map, waiting for an opportunity to go for the Baron. V5 picked off Nam “Ben” Dong-hyun (Rakan) when the TOPsports support tried to clear a control ward. The advantage was enough for V5 to go for the Baron once again. This time, however, the LPL newcomers were able to secure the buff, which heavily tipped the game in their favor. Lim “Jinoo” Jin-woo (Ryze) used his ultimate to bring in some more minions in order to keep up the pressure inside TOP’s base, and V5 won one final fight to take down the Nexus and open the score.

Game 2: TOPsports claws back, evens the score

V5 once again went after 369 (Camille), going as far as attempting to dive the TOPsports player under his tier 2 turret. Having forced out his Flash with the first gank, Jinoo (Akali) won a 1-on-1 trade and mid laner Lei “Corn” Wen (Lissandra) roamed towards the top side in order to secure the first kill of the game. But Jinoo made a mistake, taking a hit from the turret while trying to take down some of its plating, and Xiong “Xx” Yu-Long (Sejuani) took advantage of it, eliminating V5’s top laner and resetting the lane.

Jinoo forced 369 to go under the turret, but Xx showed up to take down the V5 player. At the same time, Pepper (Aatrox) tried to secure the Rift Herald, but having lost the top lane priority thanks to Xx’s gank, found himself in a bad spot. Xx contested the call, although Pepper did manage to grab the Herald before being taken out. It was an important play for V5, as the team used it to take down the first turret.

Better Rotations

While TOP did a better job with the fights, Victory Five hung on by executing better rotations, keeping the turret count even and the gold difference relatively close. TOP, however, had the push in its favor both on the top side and the mid lane, meaning that the team had the opportunity to go for the Baron. Having no vision around the pit, V5 had no other choice but to face-check. TOP secured three kills and the buff.

TOP used the buff to open up V5’s base, taking down two inhibitors and one of the Nexus turrets. The LPL newcomers hung on, taking four players out. But with super minions coming from two different parts of the map, there was really nowhere to go. TOP forced one final push, ending the game in 35 minutes.

Game 3: TOPsports denies Snake its first ever series win

The series decider had an intense start, with both sides going for early trades, although no kills came out of it. First blood went TOP’s way as Xx (Camille) executed a solid bottom lane gank, with Lee “LokeN” Dong-wook (Kai’sa) getting the bonus gold. While TOPsports secured the Mountain drake, Victory Five moved its resources towards the top side in order to trade it for the Rift Herald. TOP used its better laning phase to take down the bottom turret for the extra gold, but V5 responded by releasing the Herald on the top lane, making it all the way to the inhibitor turret.

TOP found the fight it needed on the mid lane. Thanks to LokeN’s positioning, the team secured three kills and the advantage it needed for the Baron. It was an uncontested call, as V5 chose to trade it for a Mountain drake instead of attempting the steal. TOPsports already held a significant gold lead, and the Baron-powered push was all it needed. Forcing one final fight inside their opponent’s base, the team added two more kills to the count before taking down the Nexus in just over 27 minutes.

Snake Esports scores a comeback win to upset EDward Gaming

The second series of the day saw Snake Esports upset favorites EDward Gaming for the first upset this split. EDG opened the score, but Snake came back to win games 2 and 3, winning the series over the five-time champions.

Game 1: EDG opens the score with a dominant win
snake esports lpl 2019 contenders

EDward Gaming had a dream start. Chen “Haro” Wen-Lin (Sejuani) went for an early mid lane gank, and Lee “Scout” Ye-chan (Irelia) got the kill on Yang “Mala” Hyeon-jong (Lissandra) for the first blood. Lê “SofM” Quang Duy (Kha’zix) arrived a bit too late for the counter-gank, and Scout scored a double kill. Meanwhile, Jeon “Ray” Ji-won (Akali) won a 1-on-1 trade and grabbed a solo kill on Li “Flandre” Xuan-Jun (Urgot). Holding the priority for all three lanes, EDG had a complete control over the neutral objectives, grabbing the Rift Herald and an Infernal Drake.


Haro released the Herald to take down the mid lane turret for the bonus gold. By the 26 minute mark, EDG had already taken down every single one of Snake’s lane turrets and started to mount the pressure on their opponent’s base. It succeeded in destroying the mid lane inhibitor turret, but an aggressive attempt to take down the inhibitor gave Snake enough time to respond. While EDG ultimately destroyed the inhibitor, it came at the cost of three members, forcing the team into a momentary retreat.

EDG went the safe route and opted for a safe Baron call. Snake thought about contesting the call, but didn’t even have the time to make it to the pit. EDG ignored the Baron and forced a fight inside Snake’s jungle, adding three more kills to the count. With the numbers advantage, the five-time LPL champions had an easy path into Snake’s base, ending the first game in 33 minutes.

Game 2: Snake evens the series to force a tiebreaker

EDward Gaming had an interesting draft, with Tian “Meiko” Ye going for a support Lissandra, which has been a relatively common trend in solo queue this patch. Just like game 1, Haro (Kha’zix) went for an early mid lane gank to grab the first kill. SofM, at the time clearing his top side of the jungle, responded by helping Flandre (Aatrox) dive under EDG’s turret to take out Ray (Akali).

Meiko’s pick worked out well for the laning phase, as the EDG duo consistently pressured their opponents under the turret and ultimately destroyed it while also taking down the five layers of plating for a nice amount of gold.

Five-time champions

The five-time champions held a minor lead in gold, but the game stayed relatively close until the 29 minute mark. Snake caught Scout out of position, quickly bursting down EDG’s mid laner. Flandre, with a well-executed teleport, flanked the remaining EDG members inside their own side of the jungle, and Snake eliminated EDG’s bottom lane duo as well. Up three members, the team wasted no time and secured an uncontested Baron.

Mala (Urgot) became the designated split-pusher, and while EDG picked off the mid laner, it created enough space for Snake to take down both the top and mid lane inhibitors. Both teams rotated towards the bottom side of the map, and Snake won the ensuing team fight to break into EDG’s base and force the third and decisive game.

Game 3: Snake Esports closes out the series following a kill fiesta

EDG subbed in AD Carry Wang “Hope” Jie, going for a Vladimir-Lissandra pairing. Setting the tone of the game, Ray (Urgot), Haro (Camille) and Meiko went for the all-iin, taking out Flandre (Akali) for the first blood less than a minute in. Although EDG scored more kills early on, Snake’s bottom lane duo Lu “Asura” Qi (Ezreal) and Hu “Maestro” Jian-Xin (Tahm Kench) used its range advantage to destroy EDG’s turret before the 14 minute mark.

The fights usually went EDG’s way, but Snake had a much better control over the map. With two huge team fights inside EDward Gaming’s territory going Snake’s way, the team shifted its focus towards the elemental bonuses, stacking five drakes (including three Infernals). Snake followed that with an uncontested Baron, but EDG stalled the game by taking out Flandre and Maestro. But Snake’s three Infernal drakes made a huge difference not too long after, as Asura kept dishing obscene amounts of damage with his Mystical Shots. With EDG’s players split all over the map, Snake secured four kills and proceeded to rush EDG’s mid lane.


The team made it all the way to EDward Gaming’s final two turrets, but Ray and Meiko did just enough to keep one of them still standing, forcing Snake to regroup. The two teams committed to one final fight, and, with three kills to one, Snake came out on top. This time, the team was finally able to end the 44 kills game, winning the series.

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