Teamfight Tactics Comp: TFT Sorcerer Aatrox Guide [LoL]

Teamfight Tactics TFT Sorcerer Aatrox Guide [LoL]

Today you will learn how to unlock the full potential of Aatrox, one-shot tanks and carries alike with his Darkin Blade. You can make Aatrox a Sorcerer and destroy each and every enemy you encounter. This is my favorite comp to run, so here are a few tips you should know if you want to play this comp.

The Star of the Show

We obviously need to talk about Aatrox and why it is so good to make him a sorcerer. His ult deals 400/700/1000 magic damage in a big circular area next to him (7 hexagons in total). This is insane by itself, but adding the fact that he has only 75 mana, Aatrox turns out to be an excellent caster, since he can recast his powerful ult frequently. And even if he’s melee, he’s a chunky character that can take a couple of hits at level 2, but you really won’t have to worry about that.

The crucial part is to actually make him a Sorcerer. For this, you need Yuumi, an item made from a Needlessly Large Rod and a Spatula.

Yuumi TFT Aatrox

As you may have already noticed playing TFT, the difficult thing is to get the Spatula since almost everyone is on the lookout for them; to make the powerful double Spatula and having an extra unit on the board. If you couldn’t secure a Spatula in the first carousel, in order to do it in the second or third ones you should lose the first matches so you can choose first.

You obviously won’t be able to pull this off every game, so how do you know if it’s worth the effort or not? If one of your first items is a Rod, and you managed to secure a Spatula, it’s probably worth to make this comp.

Why Sorcerer in Teamfight Tactics?

Sorcerers have an amazing passive that lets them gain mana faster, in order to ult more frequently. In addition to this, when you have 3 sorcerers you increase your ult damage by 35%, and if you get 6 the increase becomes 100%. Even with a level 2 Aatrox without items, your ult will hit for 1400 if you make him a sorcerer and have 6 of them, considering it is an AoE spell it is definitely worth doing this.

Sorcerer Power TFT

Ever since the inclusion of Twisted Fate to the game, Sorcerer comps have become easier to achieve. Early in the game, there are enough low-cost champions to get the first part of the synergy, and in the late game, you can actually complete the synergy without depending on Karthus to appear.

Try to build that first part synergy as fast as possible, and obviously to find many Aatroxs to level him up. I would say Lulu and Morgana are the more crucial pieces to get alongside Aatrox, since Lulu keeps your team alive, and Morgana not only has a really strong ult but also has Demon synergy with Aatrox. Remember, you need a tank soak damage for your fragile mages, so if your Kassadin is not strong enough you should consider using a Braum, Shen, Cho Gath or Sejuani as well.

Items and Positioning

Your Aatrox should be your priority for your items since he will be your main carry. Alongside Yummi (which also gives him a 40% damage increase on his ult) you should consider items such as Spear of Shojin to chain a lot more ults, Hextech Gunblade to heal him up to max on each ult, or even Rabadon’s Deathcap for ridiculous amounts of damage. A level 3 Aatrox with Yuumi, Gunblade, Deathcap and full Sorcerer synergy will deal over 4000 damage with his ult, something ridiculous.

Spear of Shojin TFT

If you can’t find offensive options for items, or your front line is getting melted, you should consider getting some generally good defensive items. Frozen Heart and Locket of the Iron Solari are probably the best choices. Just remember your comp consist on Aatrox casting multiple ults to one-shot enemies, and your item choices should facilitate this as much as possible.

When positioning your comp, Aatrox should be a secondary front liner. What I mean by this is that he must not be the main focus of the enemy, but should be close enough to rain fire on them immediately. Put your tanks on the first line (Kassadin, Cho, Sej) and Aatrox beside them, or behind if necessary. Also, remember to put your Lulu next to Aatrox in a safe position, so she can ult frequently, and ult Aatrox. Your back up plan should be on the back, hugging the corner, and the rest of the comp on the sides, filling the space for any potential Assassin players.

Your Backup Plan

Even if this comp is built around Aatrox, you should always have a secondary carry in case something goes wrong. If you are seeing a lot of Dragon Claws, this should be a physical DPS like Tristana or Draven. If not, Varus is a cheap reliable source of damage, or even take another sorcerer like Aurelion Sol and make him your back up. This secondary carry should have all the offensive items you cannot fit on Aatrox.

At least I can assure you will have a blast as you see Aatrox one-shotting everything, so try this comp at least once, you won’t regret it.

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