Teamfight Tactics: TFT Reroll vs Saving Strategy Guide With Tips And Tricks

Teamfight Tactics TFT Reroll vs Saving Strategy With Tips And Tricks
  • Teamfight Tactics has been in live servers for over a month, and ranked games have been running for a few weeks. Players are beginning to refine play styles to optimize decisions in-game. This is a resource-based game, and people tend to be strategic with every move. Players are either being extremely greedy or hitting the reroll button each chance they get in TFT. This guide will teach you when to do reroll vs saving.

Gold: The most important thing In TeamFight Tactics (TFT)

You must understand the value of gold. You use it for almost everything in TFT: gaining experience to level up, buying the champions you want, and rerolling to find new champions. Only items are not gold-dependent, and they will be treated as a different beast in a different guide. Right now our priority is the gold, and TeamFight Tactics players need to understand the economy system.

TFT total Income Passive

There are four ways of gaining gold:

  • Passive income
  • Interest
  • Streak
  • Pirates Synergy

Your passive is simple; each round you get 5 gold at least. To gain interest you must save gold, having 10 gold will generate 1 additional gold each turn, there even appears a gold vault on the left side of your map, and each 10 gold will get you 1 more gold (up to 50). Winning or losing streaks will generate you up to 3 additional gold. And finally, the Pirates synergy has a chance to give you 1 to 4 gold each time you face a player.

Keeping a winning streak should be one of your priorities, however, there are too many players at the beginning to account for all of them to position your champions. There will be games where you will lose your streak and can’t do anything about it. However, don’t be too worried about it. Keeping a losing streak can be good but it’s dangerous to do it later in the game since a defeat can make you lose 20+ heath at that point. In TeamFight Tactics, your goal should always be to keep a winning streak.

The most reliable way to gain more gold is to save it and generate interest. So as a general principle you should always save your money.

When to Spend Your Money in TFT?

TFT Spend Your Money

There are 2 different scenarios: if you are winning or losing.

If you are winning:

  • Try to save as much gold as possible, since it will be used in specific points of the game to give you huge boosts to defeat your opposition.

If you are losing

  • Use your money in a smart way. Try to secure a level lead by buying experience, so you have one more unit on the board for each match , which can make a huge difference in the early game. You can also reroll to look for a specific champion (maybe the last one you need to complete a level-up, or the final piece of a synergy you want), however you should check the next section to know more about rerolls.

After you stabilize, return to your saving mission.

Interest are powerful, and those 3 to 5 extra gold accumulate over time. This allows you to make huge experience jumps to catch your opponents off guard or to reroll as much as you like to find that final champion you need to win.

When to Reroll in TFT?

TFT When to Reroll

Each level you gain changes the chances to obtain certain units of the game. For example, the first time you can buy champions you are only offered 1-cost champions, since at level 2 you have 100% chance of getting them. Likewise, at levels 8 or 9 it is rare to see 1-cost champions, because at that point the chances of getting them are 15% or lower.

So, in order to maximize the use of your resources, you should follow these steps for finding the champions you want:

1. For cost-1 or 2 champions

Also called “Hyper-rolling”, the most effective way to get these champions is to reroll right after Krugs being level 4 still. In order for this to work YOU MUST NOT BUY EXPERIENCE, NOT EVEN ONCE, so you are still level 4 after Krugs. If you focus on saving the first levels, counting the units you normally buy, you should have 30 gold to reroll at this point, and since the chances of getting 1 or 2-cost champions are huge, you’ll most likely have a level 3 unit and several level 2 units. This works better with Wild, Pirates, Gunslingers and Assassins.

2. For cost-3 champions

The best point to get a cost-3 unit is at level 6, since it’s the lowest point for cost-4 units, and cost-1 and 2 have a lower chance than them. Cost-3 units are usually really powerful and a cornerstone of their synergy (For example: Gangplank, Kennen, Morgana, Aatrox, Ashe), so securing a nice level 2 or 3 of these makes a huge difference. You should either level up fast to level 6 and pick the cost-3 units you want each round, or save a lot of gold and as soon as you naturally hit level 6 reroll all you can to get a strong level 2 unit.

3. For cost-4 champions

Cost-4 have a 10% chance of appearing at level 6, and it increases 5% from there each level, so realistically you should start looking for cost-4 champions at level 7. However since at that point your comp should be almost completely set up, these champions should be just a complementary piece, since their presence is unreliable at best. If you desperately need a cost-4 to complete a synergy (An Akaly for Ninjas, for instance), try to hit level 8 as soon as you can, to have at least that 20% to work with.

Hope this guide works for you. Stay tuned for more TFT guides in the future.

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