TeamFight Tactics TFT Beginners Guide: How To Build An Army Composition

TeamFight Tactics TFT Beginners Guide How To Build An Army Composition
  • This TFT beginners guide will go over the basics of building an army composition and give you an overall understanding of how to play TeamFight Tactics. Here’s everything you need to know about TFT.

TeamFight Tactics TFT Beginners Guide

TFT was created by Riot Games (creators of League of Legends), and is an autobuilder game mode (autochess). The game came out in the past month and was available on the Public Beta Environment, but was finally released at the end of June for gamers to download. TFT is an 8 player game where players recruit powerful champions to fight on against other players. Teamfight Tactics has become a hit in the League of Legends community, and many gamers are flocking to TFT to try it out. Given how popular the game has gotten over the last few weeks, we wanted to put together the best TFT beginners guide and the only one you’ll need. We’ll go over how to build armies, champions, and units. For a better understanding, and to simplify things it’s better to separate the game as backliners and frontliners. For example, in MMO you have the tank that stands in front of your army for protection, and behind the tank are the healers, rangers, mages, archers, and assassins.

Every comp in the game needs to run frontline.

Best Way to Build A Comp In TFT

Best Way to Build A Comp In TFT
Riot Games

In order to find the best comp in TFT, you’ll need to determine what are the best frontliners in the game. The basic early game frontliners are knights. There are three tier 1 knights in Teamfight Tactics.

  1. Mordekaiser
  2. Darius
  3. Garen
TFT Knights Darius Garen Mordekaiser
Source: Riot Games

Two of these knights create a knight passive, and this passive you’ll be able to create a two-man frontline and any conceivable early game comp. The other frontline buff is Brawler. Brawler gives you extra flat heath. Warwick and Rek’Sai are your main two Brawlers which are in the frontliners early game. These are one and two cost units.

Building an Early Game Composition

To build an early game comp in TFT, you take two (2) Brawlers and/or two (2) knights and then add whatever you want behind them as they’ll create a solid frontliner in-game. Take a look at the synergies of the knights or brawlers you are taking. Examples of what you can put behind your frontliners are Nobles. If you have Garen on your frontline, then you can look for three noble buffs that you might be interested in, for example, Vayne, Lucian or Fiora.

This is how you build comps around synergies. You also want to focus on the synergies of the frontlines that you will be getting. This is the easiest way to learn how to play the game and build. Another example is using Warwick. He’s a brawler, and in the one or two cost sections, you’ll also find Nidalee. Those are good Wild Starter packages to push yourself to maybe running a four Wild composition. As well, you have Rek-Sai which is a void unit, something you can also do to look for synergies and build a team comp around them. This is true for all other comps.

There are more unique champions, but typically a good start to building comps would be to use Knights and Brawlers. There are frontliners for every single basic class. For example, Graves is the frontrunner for Gunslinger which gives a 50% chance on attach to attack. Graves is also a tier 1 unit and Karthus is the frontrunner for mages. Being able to throw in those potential frontrunners allows you to be able to build potentially Gunslinger comps or Mage comps, even a pirate comp.

Top 5 TFT Comps

Here are 5 different comps that are extremely effective

  1. 6 Assasins Comp: The 6 assassins comp is very solid. The MVP piece is Pyke. His ultimate stuns everyone around him. Alongside the assassins, you can run between 1 or 2 tanks. For example, you can use Sejuani as he’s the ultimate tank that can be used with any comp. Sejuani’s ultimate is incredibly effective. Additionally, you can run with Guardians which is also effective like a two-man tank squad. Example, Leona and Braum can be put in any kind of composition that needs a frontline and is extremely effective. Two guardians and six assassins are very good to start off with. They are effective against Mages and weak backliners.
  2. 3 Elementalist + Sorcerer Comp: This comp allows you to run frontline with this. You do have a frontline with your 3 Elementalist buff, but you can also run with something else like 2 guardians, but you can also run with knights. The MVP piece in your comp will be Brand. He’s your main damage dealer on the elemenaltist side of things. Sorcerers are a little variable. Ideally, you want to have Sol, Veigar and Morgana.
  3. 6 Nobles Comp: This is a very difficult comp to get in TFT because it requires getting Kayle. The three noble buff is quite popular early. Later on, you can go in with 6 nobles and Kayle (1% chance at Level 7). What ends up happening is you get those nobles plus 3 rangers. You’re main DPS will be Vayne and you stack him with a lot of items which tears through everyone. This will make your team nearly untouchable in physical damage. This comp is pretty powerful but lacks consistency due to the requirement of having to hit Kayle. This is the really difficult part of the comp.
  4. 6 Yordles Comp: The MVP of this comp will be Gnar. Gnar will be your main tank. Veigar will be your main damage source. When you’re running Yordles, two of them are sorcerers, it’s very common for them to run three mages with their comp.
  5. 4 Wild + 3 Shapshifters + 2 Dragons Comp: Shapshifters ended up being on the frontline on top of the Wild and adding two Brawlers in the comp. It’s a powerful combination, and the shapshifters end up doing a lot of the work. If you’re able to get the flow of this combo, it can prove to be very powerful.

Building comps in TFT

These TFT comps are good starters to get you going and understand the different combinations you can use with the game. In Teamfight Tactics, no combination is perfect and you’ll need to continue to experiment with different armies. The more you play the game the more you’ll find comps that fit your style.

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