TacticianIX is Taking Poppy Skills To The Next Level

tacticianix lol poppy skills
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TacticianIX, an LoL streamer with only 350 followers goes viral after amazing Poppy play against an Illaoi. Why its so special? Find out more below.

Who is TacticianIX?

While many have never heard this name before, TacticianIX has only been streaming since November 2018. Incredibly, Brian is the second best Poppy player on NA server. In fact, he basically only plays Poppy. During season 8, Poppy was played 218 times vs Xerath’s 99 times. However in season 9 she has been used 194 times. The second most used champion this season? Lissandra, appearing in only 7 games.

TacticianIX lol
img source: Twitch TacticianIX

Yet, TacticianIX’s Poppy is holding at a 53% winrate in Diamond 2 solo queue. Brian has been pushing his limits, grinding since the end of last season, to see how far he could move up on the ranks.

1v1 on top lane

Right after Illaoi used Test of Spirit on him, he dodged the first Tentacle Smash. He then proceeded to walk away in order to avoid taking more damage, and engaged in an epic awin, while dodging the other six attacks from tentacles surrounding him. Even though with this patch (9.4) Poppy is at a disadvantage during lane phase against Illaoi, Brian had perfect timing and engaged his enemy when he had his champion one level above. Thus, having the advantage during half of the fight time. Even though the Kraken Pristess got to the same level as Poppy, and would likely have enough damage to finish her with the help of the two surrounding tentacles, TacticianIX used his dash to move forward and deal damage enough to kill Illaoi and get a few life points while getting out of their attacks range and avoiding a quick base trip in a gray screen. Just like he says, he:“totally Tokyo drifted all her tentacles”.

The Poppy Play

Brian is a Canadian college student who wants to become a full time streamer. Poppy has helped carry him up the ladder rank to D2, she will probably be strong enough to push him closer to becoming a full time streamer. Good luck, Brian!

Here is a link to a Poppy guide Brian posted to Reddit.

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