Startup Gamer Republic Aims To Crowdfund Into The LCK

Startup Gamer Republic Aims To Crowdfund Into The LCK
  • Gamer Republic, a California startup, is ambitiously aiming to buy a franchise spot at the LCK in 2021. How will it be done and what’s the process involved into entering the esports industry? Find out below.

Who is Gamer Republic?

Put merely; Gamer Republic is a startup hailing from California, USA. When it comes to gaming, though, they are a bunch of lunatic LoL fans. They plan to revolutionize esports team operations by giving fans like us the power to run a team. They want to mirror their motive through this project on Kickstarter. Their motto is: “For fans, by fans, for fans.” In terms of experience, the Californian startup comprises video game designers and engineers that have worked for top Korean gaming companies.

Details of the project

Right off the bat, the Kickstarter project aims to raise $20,000,000. The first 10 million is for the application fee of LCK 2021, and the rest 10 million is needed to run operation costs of the team for at least two years. You can either have a two or five-year membership of the project divided into Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver and, Bronze categories. This, of course, depends on how much you’re willing to pay. If you do pay, you can be part of the team from 2021 by making its decisions. Decisions range from player selection for the roster to picking and banning champions for tournaments. Should Gamer Republic go on to win the LCK or Worlds, membership holders will win cash money. The supporter that will provide the best judgment will also have his name engraved on any title that the team may win.

Membership tiers and their prices are given in the table below:

What if the goal isn’t met?

Gamer Republic promises to return subscription fees if the goal is not met. However, they still urge League of Legends fans to support their cause. At the moment of writing this article, $22,498 has been raised and 13 supporters have backed the project. The startup has a bit over a month to reach its goal. Let’s wait and watch if the League community comes together to support this unique cause.

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