RNG vs VG, SDG vs RW 2019 LPL Spring Split Matches Recap

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Uzi returns to LPL action as RNG sweeps Vici Gaming. Newcomers SinoDragon Gaming defeat Rogue Warriors to move into the top 5

RNG vs VG, SDG vs RW 2019 LPL Spring Split Matches Recap

The LPL is back from the Lunar New Year break. In an appropriate way to kick off the post-festivities, reigning champions Royal Never Give Up opened the fourth week with a sweep over Vici Gaming. The series marked the return of  Jian “Uzi” Zihao, as the superstar AD carry had to sit out the previous three weeks with an undisclosed injury. LPL newcomers SinoDragon Gaming won their third series of the split, taking down the fourth place team from summer, Rogue Warriors. SDG now sits inside the top 5 and finds itself in the playoff picture.

Game 1

After an early bottom lane gank by Li “Aix” Yang (Elise), Vici secured the first blood with a kill by support Su “Southwind” Zhi-Lin (Alistar) on RNG’s support Shi “Ming” Sen-Ming (Galio). Hung “Karsa” Hao-Hsuan (Lee Sin) was quick to make up for it, producing an incredible early game with a 100% kill participation at the 15 minute mark while also securing two elemental drakes as well as the Rift Herald. While Chen “Jay” Bo (Vel’Koz) left the mid lane to pick up his blue buff, RNG was quick to the action and released the Herald to secure the tower, cashing in on the gold from the five plates.

VG kept itself in the game with a bold Baron call at the 28 minute mark as Royal Never Give Up chased a split-pushing Xia “Chelizi” Han-Xi (Urgot). It worked out in the end and Vici secured the buff, keeping the tower count close. VG followed that with a win in a close, drawn out fight in the mid lane. Despite having taken down Karsa, Vici’s indecision around the Baron pit ultimately gave RNG enough time to come back at full strength. Royal forced a fight and picked up four kills, with Ding “Puff” Wang (Ezreal) the only one left on Vici’s side. The reigning LPL champions completed the ace inside their opponent’s base and closed out the first game after 37 minutes of play.

Game 2

Karsa (Lee Sin) showed up for an early mid lane gank, to which Aix responded with a counter-gank himself. Aix picked up the kill on the RNG jungler and secured the first blood by less than a second as Royal’s Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao (Zoe) made it a one for one trade with a kill on Jay (Galio). Karsa once again did a better job controlling the objectives, securing the Rift Herald. Xiaohu forced Jay out of lane and RNG used the advantage to release the Herald, once again taking full gold from the turret plating.

RNG followed up by taking down all three outer towers on Vici’s side, which also helped one of the team’s primary win conditions as Shek “AmazingJ” Wai Ho (Yorick) was now free to split push. As the RNG top laner cleaned the bottom lane, VG attempted a sneaky Baron call. Karsa and Xiaohu slowed down the execution, buying enough time for AmazingJ to make his way into Vici’s base joined by Uzi (Sivir). VG ultimately secured the buff, but it was already too late as AmazingJ and Uzi destroyed the Nexus a few seconds later to complete the sweep for RNG.

Game 1

SinoDragon Gaming AD carry Chen “GALA” Wei (Xayah) opened the score with a kill on Mei “ZWuJi” Hong-Hui (Kai’Sa) following a good engage by support Ling “Mark” Xu (Alistar). It soon became a classic LPL kill fiesta as neither team managed to get a significant advantage.

After 27 minutes of play and 23 kills, RW finally turned a fight into a major objective. Working off an engage by SDG, Rogue picked up two kills and headed straight towards the Baron pit, securing the buff.
Even though RW inched ahead of SinoDragon, the LPL newcomers found an opnening to secure the second Baron buff while the Rogue players went back to base. RW still took three buffs away from their opponents, slowing their powerplay.

As SinoDragon Gaming tried to group in the mid lane, Rogue Warriors tried to force a teamfight. GALA, the only player without a single death at that point, won the fight for SinoDragon Gaming with his positioning. Hitting freely from the backline, the SDG AD carry scored a triple kill as Li “Xuzhu” Yu-Qing (Olaf) to walk away on RW’s side. Having around 40 seconds left in its powerplay, SDG rushed down mid lane and finally closed out the game after 38 minutes and a total of 34 kills.

Game 2

Rogue subbed in Xie “XiaoYao” Tao for Xuzhu. The change did not work as intended however, as XiaoYao tried to invade SDG’s jungle only to get chased out and taken down by Wang “Xiaopeng” Peng (Nidalee).The SinoDragon Gaming jungler was quick to snowball the early advantage, picking up an impressive four kills at the 15 minute mark. SDG also secured the first turret in the bottom lane, cashing in on the gold from the five plates.

With Xiaopeng’s spears dealing an obscene amount of damage, SDG took control of the game to set up an early Baron 21 minutes in. The team overextended in the top lane while pushing for an inhibitor turret and had to fall back after losing two players.

Still, SinoDragon Gaming had little trouble securing the second Baron buff, powered by three Mountain drakes. Rogue arrived too late to contest and SDG added four more kills to the count. The team only needed a single push down mid lane to end the second game, sweeping the series.

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