Rush Likes to Swear in English, Not Korean

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Rush was streaming League of Legends on his Twitch channel when one of his viewers asked him an interesting question with regards to his communication. Rush’s response to the viewer will surprise you.

Who is Rush?
Lee Yoon-jae Rush Esports League of Legends
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Lee Yoon-jae, also known as his Lol name “Rush” is a 25 year old Korean jungler for team Echo Fox. He was also the best player on Korean League’s SOLOQ. He became well-known for playing carry-style champions, being Lee Sin and Nidalee in his signature champions. Rush has also played for Team Impulse, Cloud9 and KT Roslter. Considering that he started his professional career in late 2014, and that he studied in one of the top 3 universities of South Korea, we can easily understand why his English skills are so great when compared to other southeast Asian players.

“In Which Language do You Think?”

During one of Rush ‘s stream, one of his viewers asked in the chatroom,”What language do you think in?”. The viewer asked this because Rush is very well spoken in English, and English isn’t his first language. Rush had an immediate but surprising response. He said right off the bat:

“Positive thoughts, Korean. Negative thoughts, English. No joke!”

He proceeded to explain: “When I want to say something bad to someone, ‘F* you’, ‘Get the F* out’ comes to my head faster than Korean, I’m not even joking!”.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the reaction of the person who asked, but if we had to bet, it would probably be surprise.

Rush seems to be pretty fluent in English, so the idea that when you land in a foreign country one of the first things people will teach you is how to curse may not apply here. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that name-calling in Korean tends to lean towards personal honor or family offense, whereas in English the meanings are broader, and in daily spoken language the F word is sprinkled here and there, thus creating a wider variety of ways to express your anger at someone.

Video of Rush Explaining His Language Switching

Interesting to know that swear words are more natural in English than Rush ‘s native language. Most people would think that for such instinctive feeling like anger or surprise, the need for communication would trigger your primary language, especially for cursing! Smooth, Rush!

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