Rogue is an American association best known for their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege groups. In 2018, the association was reputed to join the EU LCS as a feature of the 2019 European establishment program. On November 20, Riot Games affirmed Rogue as one of the ten accomplice groups for the LEC 2019 Spring Split.


Rogue will include top laner Kim “Benefit” Jun-hyung, jungler Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek, mid laner Chres “Sencux” Laursen and support Kim “Wadid” Bae-in to their new League of Legends European Championship lineup, sources near the group told ESPN.

The four new individuals from the group will join AD carry Martin “HeaQ” Kordmaa, the primary marking by rogue after free organization started on Nov. 19. To finish the lineup, rogue should encourage an exchange concurrence with G2 Esports for Wadid, whose agreement with G2 keeps going until the finish of the 2020 season. The augmentations of Profit and Wadid were first revealed by Fomos. Maverick declined remark when reached by ESPN.

The group marked previous Team ROCCAT mentor Simon “fredy122” Payne as their head mentor and previous Gambit bolster “Edward” Abgaryan as their partner mentor. Maverick has likewise marked Emil “Larssen” Larsson as a substitute mid laner, sources said. Larssen, 18, reported on Twitter on Monday that he will finish his tutoring in the spring, at that point join the group in Berlin and vie for the beginning mid path spot in the mid year.

Of the rogue program, four – Profit, Kikis, HeaQ and Wadid – recently had been individuals from Team ROCCAT. After they were acknowledged into the League European Championship in October, Rogue procured previous Team ROCCAT chief Tomislav “flyy” Mihailov as their European GM.

rogue will make their League of Legends make a big appearance in January, in the wake of being one of 10 associations to be acknowledged as perpetual accomplices in the League European Championship. Preceding contending in League of Legends, Rogue held proficient dimension groups in Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege.

The team is backed up by pretty strong investors

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Simon “fredy122” Payne, the head coach
Simon fredy122 Payne Esports Coach Pro Gamer Professional Player League
Image courtesy of SK Gaming YouTube
Season 1

fredy122 invested a short energy playing for La GG alongside Krepo and Snoopeh among others, however the group was not a win.

Season 2

Towards the beginning of the season, fredy122 joined Eclypsia as the group’s AD convey. Here he played close by ShLaYa, who he met amid his time at La GG. The principal competition the group contended in was the LDLC Nashor’s Trophy, where Eclypsia came in second behind Millenium. After the competition, he left the group, however rejoined only 2 months after the fact as the group’s toplaner.

With fredy122 now in the toplane, Eclypsia contended in the RaidCall PLAY Cup 3 and won the competition, beating in the last. Only a couple of months after the fact, the group’s list left the association. ShLaYa and fredy122 remained together, both joining against All expert toward the finish of the season.

Season 3

fredy122’s first test as a major aspect of the new against All specialist program was at the LCS Spring Qualifiers. The group went unbeaten through the gathering stage, besting their gathering in front of Copenhagen Wolves. In the section organize, aAa confronted and beat DragonBorns, implying that he and the group would contend in the up and coming Spring Split. DragonBorns proceeded to win the washout’s playoff of the qualifier, implying that they would meet all requirements for the spring split also – this further underscored the quality of the aAa program.

The Spring Split was not a colossal accomplishment for fredy122 and against All Authority. An unpleasant season saw the group complete in sixth place. In spite of this, sixth place was still enough for the group to meet all requirements for a spot in the Spring Playoffs. With the end goal to naturally win back their spot for the Summer Split, the group would need to win their quarterfinal coordinate against SK Gaming. Notwithstanding, a very late crisis for one of aAa’s players, making him return home, left the group in a frenzy state, endeavoring to handle a legitimate program for the match, unfit to do as such, the group needed to relinquish and be thumped into assignment matches.

Albeit lamentable, aAa still had to an opportunity to win back their spot by playing in the EU LCS Summer Promotion. fredy122 and aAa went head to head against Go4Lol Qualifier champ, Sinners Never Sleep, yet they were not able win back their LCS spot, losing 3-0. Because of this mistake, the group’s program disbanded, leaving him teamless.

Only a couple of months after the fact, fredy122 framed SUPA HOT CREW in light of Svenskeren with one objective – to achieve the LCS. The group satisfied it’s desires, however the establishing individuals left before this occurred. Both fredy122 and Svenskeren proceeded to join SK Gaming just multi month after the arrangement of SHC.

Fredy122’s first competition with SK was the novice competition at IEM Cologne. Sadly, the group lost to Copenhagen Wolves in the first round of the competition. Next up for Simon Payne and SK Gaming was DreamHack Winter 2013. Unbeaten in the gathering stage, SK proceeded to win the competition, beating Intellectual Playground in the elimination rounds and Kiedys Mialem Team in the last.

It was then time for the Spring Promotion; fredy122 and SK Gaming would both have the opportunity to come back to the LCS. The group confronted Simon Payne’s previous group, SUPA HOT CREW, in their advancement matchup. A tight-battled arrangement saw SK Gaming turn out victors, implying that they would play in the forthcoming Spring Split.

2014 Season

fredy122 contended with a crisp SK Gaming list in the Spring Split. Following a couple of precarious weeks, plainly the progressions to the group’s list had served the group well. fredy122’s Trundle and Renekton helped fuel SK’s enhancement in results, and their rising on the rankings table started. By the penultimate week, SK had made it to third place behind Alliance and Fnatic, yet an ideal superweek saw SK guarantee first place. SK’s execution in the spring part anchored them a place in the Spring Playoffs. The playoffs saw fredy122 and SK Gaming beat Team ROCCAT in the elimination round, yet lose to Fnatic in the last, bringing about a second place complete for the group.

SK began the Summer Split solid, and fredy122’s Renekton and Aatrox helped the group remain inside the best 3 groups until the ninth week. Poor outcomes toward the finish of the split saw SK in fifth place after the penultimate week, yet a late flood brought about the group completing in fourth place by and large. Following this was the Summer Playoffs, a possibility for fredy122 and the group to meet all requirements for the World Championship. SK completed third in the playoffs, losing to Alliance in the elimination round, yet beating Team ROCCAT in the third place coordinate, anchoring themselves a place at the World Championship.

The World Championship saw SK set in Group B alongside Star Horn Royal Club, Team SoloMid and Taipei Assassins. SK just overseen 2 wins in the gathering, however eminently beat TSM in their last match of the gathering stage. SK completed in third place in their gathering, implying that they would not go any further in the competition.

2015 Season

The Spring Split was a colossal accomplishment for fredy122 and SK Gaming, completing first in the customary season and losing just 3 recreations simultaneously, incompletely because of his

noteworthy exhibitions on a scope of heroes including Gnar and Maokai.

Due to SK being in first place in the Spring Split at the predetermined cutoff date, the group were welcome to contend at the IEM Season IX – World Championship. After a Round 1 win against the yoe Flash Wolves, SK Gaming lost to GE Tigers in Round 2 of the victors section, placing them into Round 2 of the failures section. fredy122 and SK Gaming were then thumped out by yoe Flash Wolves subsequent to losing to the Taiwanese group in their second gathering at the competition.

The group’s ordinary season execution implied that SK Gaming would have a bye to the elimination rounds of the Spring Playoffs, where they would tumble to Unicorns Of Love in a tight arrangement, and turn into the primary normal season first place finishers to fall in the elimination rounds of playoffs in LCS history. They proceeded to lose the third place match to H2k-Gaming, anchoring themselves 30 Championship Points for the split.

The Summer Season was far less effective for fredy122 and the group, at last completing the ordinary season in ninth place. This implied SK Gaming would need to battle for their LCS status in the 2016 Spring Promotion, where they confronted Gamers2. A well-battled arrangement in the long run observed SK Gaming, who had been a piece of the European LCS since it’s origination, lose their place in the LCS.

fredy122 left the group upon the termination of his agreement toward the finish of the season.

However Simon Payne în January 2016 joined Team ROCCAT as a Top/Support player till December 2016 when he advanced as a coach in Team ROCCAT, after that he was “snatched” by team rogue in November 2018.

Rogue “Going Full” Video:

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