lolTyler1 Gets Special Package from Riot Games

Tyler1 Gets Special Package from Riot Games League of Legends LoL
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Riot Games sent a very interesting package to popular League of Legends streamer lolTyler1. He opens it live and has no other choice but to laugh at the funny gift.

Who is lolTyler1?

lolTyler1 “Loltyler1” Steinkamp is one of the most popular League of Legends streamers. The 23 year old American from Missouri has an outstanding Twitch account that has more than 2 million followers. He also has more than 30 thousand paying subs, as well as a Youtube channel that counts 1.4 million subscribers. During his anonymous days his strong yet controversial attitudes granted him the nickname “The Most Toxic Player in North America“. This was given by the League community itself.


This denomination caused him to explode in popularity, but suffer a major backlash from professional players afterwards. Many League players got to know him as an example not to be followed, a fame that many haven’t detached from him until this day.

Hell & Heaven, the Ban & the Comeback

LolTyler1 was banned in 2016 due to his inappropriate behavior towards other players such as threats, verbal abuse, suicide encouragement and intentionally losing the matches to enrage their teammates. To make things worse, most of those actions were registered online as Youtube videos or stream clips.

Any accounts he was caught using to play on stream would be immediately banned. This was an attempt to counter the critics since Riot wasn’t doing enough.


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last picture with hair 🙁

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After a forced break from League of Legends, he kept his stream alive playing other games such as PUBG. By the end of 2017, after receiving an email from Riot he announced during one of his streams that his ban would be lifted if all accounts he had used during the last month were free from rule violations.

The return

In January 2018 he officially returned to League’s community and followed with his nice manners. During a rant about changes in-game that he disagreed upon, the former college football player even shared the fact he had become addicted to this game. He would encourage other League personalities to open up.


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picnic today with Kayla 🙂

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Interesting enough, during his time away from playing League he didn’t completely just let go of Summoner’s Rift. He created and hosted a tournament called lolTyler1 Championship Series (TCS), a parody to the famous North America League Championship Series (NA LCS) in which he gave $10,000 as a prize.

Last year the tournament had it’s second edition, this time awarding the winner team with $50,000. The last edition was praised by Rift Herald, one of the largest online League of Legends communities.

Tyler Gets a Special Package From Riot Games

Tyler1 Gets Special Package from Riot Games League of Legends 1
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Recently, Tyler got a large rectangular package at his home,. It was covered in kraft paper and bubble wtap. During his stream, he claimed that Riot Games was the sender and proceeded to open the object marked as “fragile”. After some struggle it finally came out of the box and we could see. that it was a picture.

It would already be special enough to get a gift delivered to your address directly from the company that runs one of your favorite games of all time. But he was so lucky that he got a customized and funny art print.

Tyler1 Gets Special Package from Riot Games League of Legends LoL 2
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The unexpected gift presented the following; lolTyler1 was pictured as League’s character Draven with a deceptive smile, wearing a shirt that states “REFORMED” on the back and writing many times on a backboard. “I will not be toxic next season”. The pun here is that he was secretly underscoring the next sentence’s “will”, giving out the idea the next sentence will write “I will be toxic next season”. The picture also features his cats with scared facial expressions as the character Ryze in his Professor Ryze skin appears in a portal watching him out with a very angry expression.

Tyler1 Gets Special Package from Riot Games League of Legends 3
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What is it?

He put the gift closer to the camera, to which his chat showed reactions that ranged from “WTF” to “lmao“. lolTyler1 couldn’t hold his laughter at the first moment but having the bold personality he is known for, he proceeded to claim he indeed was not toxic this season, even though he had to go through what he called an unjust chat restriction.

After that objection, he got his mood up again and joked about the picture being strange due to the fact he doesn’t have any apparel that says “REFORMED” on the back.

Video Clip of Tyler unpacking his gift

Whether this art piece was just an innocent joke to make peace with lolTyler1’s past fame or a hint that Riot is still not buying his behavior changes… We may never know the answer, but looking on the bright side it was a gift almost everyone would love to get. Lucky you, Tyler!

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