LCS Analysts Broadcast Season 8 From Home Due to Coronavirus

LCS Analysts Broadcast Season 8 From Home Due to Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has virtually affected every single major industry including esports. However, esports is rather special as the end product is digital, and no events are exactly needed in order for professional players to continue on with their season and major tournaments. But this is what makes esports special, the extraordinary live event atmosphere, and the crowd cheering on their favorite team. The real-life human interaction is an element that you cannot replace for competition.

Traditional sports like the NHL, NBA and so forth have suspended their season indefinitely. Esports, however, has moved live events to online-only, and major tournaments and leagues will still continue despite what is on the news. Online only has been put into effect for every major esports title such as the LCS and Call of Duty League.

First-Ever At Home LCS Broadcast

The esports industry has finally shown what an online-only coverage would look like, starting with the League of Legends Championships Series (LCS). But what exactly would professional leagues look like online? Just a bunch of analysts broadcasting from the comfort of their bedroom. In the recent stream for LCS Season 8, the analyst desk would not be in the LCS studio for the first time.

James “Dash” Patterson started the stream on the LCS Twitch channel following Prolly, Jatt and Markz. Dash was dressed up as if he was sitting on the LCS desk in the studio while everyone else was in their casual clothing. It’s an odd sight for League fans, but it’s a necessary step to combatting Covid-19.

There’s no denying that the analysts felt a little out of place, however, Dash was in full LCS mode and ready to start calling games. He announced that the LCS would officially move online for the remainder of the Spring Split. As he mentioned that Jatt’s dog came into the picture, as we typically see with streamers online, so the environment would definitely be different than what hardcore esports fans are used to. During the break, Jatt tweeted that he was doing some exercise while the matches were put on hold to get some healthy sit ups in; something he wouldn’t be able to do while at the LCS studio (or one would think).

This move shows the commitment that the LCS has in combatting Covid-19 and it should be an interesting rest of the Spring Split for certain. Hopefully but that time things will have settled down and the world will be a safer place. We’ll see in time.

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