Kingzone DragonX’s PawN Announces Retirement Due To Health Issues

Kingzone DragonX's PawN Announces Retirement Due To Health Issues
  • This weekend, Kingzone DragonX midlaner PawN announced his retirement on his official Facebook page. The unexpected news came as a result of prolonged health complications.

Kingzone DragonX’s PawN Announces Retirement

Having six years of experience under the belt, PawN has made a significant impact in Korea’s League scene. In his tenure, PawN had won multiple domestic titles in China’s LPL, 2017 KeSPA Cup, the LCK 2018 Summer with KT Rolster and the Worlds 2018 with Samsung Galaxy White. PawN last represented Kingzone in the 2019 LCK Spring Playoffs. PawN had joined Kingzone in November 2018.

Heo PawN Won-seok Kingzone DragonX
Why Did PawN Retire?

PawN’s career had been deeply troubled by severe health issues. He sat it out during the LCK 2019 Summer Split as well due to a lower back issue. The same issue has been a significant concern for him and his team. However, the reason cited for his retirement in his tweet is apparently a struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The post also stated that he couldn’t play if his gaming setup wasn’t arranged for his particular liking. Other than that, the star has refrained from sharing further details. He has also thanked his fans and the team for the continuous support and apologized to everyone for being ‘a disappointment’.

Career at a glance

PawN didn’t take long to make a name for himself in the competitive scene. His professional career began in 2013 where he represented MiG Blitz at the HOT6iX Champions Summer 2013. The team failed to make any real impact before he joined Samsung Blue in the same year. All eyes were on him after he solo-killed Faker in lane at the WCG Qualifiers the same year. He joined Samsung White the following year winning becoming the second runners-up of HOT6iX Champions Spring 2014. He faced Faker back and forth in major tournaments, slaying him multiple times. Ever since then, he went on to be known as Faker’s kryptonite.

PawN even won the Worlds 2019 with Samsung White beating Star Horn Royal Club 3-1 in the finals. Gradually he made a spot for himself among the best mids Korea had to offer. In 2015, he joined Edward Gaming coming first at the 2015 LPL Spring. He and his new team were also the unbeaten champions of the 2015 Demacia Cup Spring. PawN also won the 2016 LPL Championship and joined KT  Rolster shortly after. With KT, PawN became the 2017 KeSPA Cup and LCK 2018 Summer champions.

The farewell of PawN is surely a blow to Kingzone DragonX and for the League arena as a whole. We wish PawN all the best for his future endeavors.

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