KeSPA Cup Semifinals – Gen.G defeats KT Rolster [Day 1]

Esports KeSPA Cup Semifinals - Gen.G defeats KT Rolster [Day 1] LoL League of Legends

Gen.G shows no signs of slowing down, takes defending LCK champions KT Rolster out in four sets and advances to the 2018 KeSPA Cup finals.

Gen.G’s new lineup has shown plenty of promise thus far. With only top laner Lee “CuVee” Seong-jin and AD Carry Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk remaining from the 2017 League of Legends World Championship-winning campaign, the team defeated KT Rolster with a 3-1 score to advance to the 2018 KeSPA Cup finals. Gen.G has won seven out of eight sets for an almost perfect run.

Esports League of Legends LoL kt Rolster Gen.G KeSpa Series Tournament Event
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Game 1: A dominant showing from Gen.G

KT’s Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong (Lissandra) and Gen.G’s Song “Fly” Yong-jun (Urgot) went for an early trade. Junglers Eom “UmTi” Seong-hyeon (Kindred) and Han “Peanut” Wang-ho (Lee Sin) took the chance and joined the fight. First blood went over to Peanut, taking down his former teammate Bdd while UmTi secured a kill on Fly. Gen.G then took advantage of its river control and picked off UmTi on two different occasions. Ruler (Lucian) and Kim “Life” Jeong-min (Tahm Kench) relied on their natural bottom lane pressure to push out KT’s duo Byun “Gango” Se-hoon (Kai’sa) and No “SnowFlower” Hoi-jong (Rakan) to grab the first turret gold. The team proceeded to release the Rift Herald down mid and add two more turrets to the count. This quickly grew their lead to five turrets after a quick rotation around the map.


But an overly aggressive Gen.G went deep inside their opponent’s jungle, and KT found a pickoff onto Fly. A perfect Ultimate fromSong “Smeb” Kyung-ho (Ryze) to chase after Gen.G’s players gave KT three kills to none and enough space to go for a Baron call. KT cut the massive gold deficit in half, from 10,000 to 5,000, destroying three of Gen.G’s turrets in the process. It was KT’s turn to get a bit too greedy. The team went for a sneaky Baron call with not enough control around the map. Gen.G successfully contested the play, winning the ensuing fight and resetting the waves in their favor. With both teams back to full strength, Gen.G won a fight around the Baron pit to finally secure the buff. This left KT’s base down to the Nexus turrets. Playing it safe, the team still waited for a new Baron spawn to go for a decisive push and take game 1 in 45 minutes.

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Game 2: KT fights back to tie the series

KT went for a bench rotation following the loss in game 1, subbing in top laner Hwang “Kingen” Seong-hoon and support Choi “Mia” Sang-in. With an aggressive play from UmTi (Nocturne) down the bottom side, KT went for a three-men dive to draw first blood. With Peanut (Olaf) nearby, Gen.G was quick to respond. Fly (Zoe), having the lane priority, also roamed to help his teammates and the long fight came to an end with three kills to Gen.G’s side to KT’s two. UmTi once again went for a second Ultimate towards the bottom lane. But the result turned out much better this time around. With a first kill on Ruler (Xayah), KT chased Peanut deep into the jungle and Gango (Lucian) grabbed a second kill for the team,. This created enough space to go for a Mountain drake.


And more action came from the bottom lane, with Gen.G going for the initial engage. However, UmTi once again showed up with a perfect Ultimate. UmTi followed by some massive crowd control courtesy of Bdd (Lissandra) and Mia (Leona). KT came out of the fight as the clear winners, grabbing two kills and the first turret to create a 5,000 gold lead. They Snowballed out of control, and the Nocturne-Lissandra-Leona combo followed by Lucian’s burst and Jayce’s poke left no room for Gen.G to fight back. KT held back and only found enough room to go for a Baron call at the 32-minute mark. After securing the buff, the defending LCK champions built a 15,00 gold lead. Gen.G still mounted one final defense to prevent KT from finishing the game with the first Baron buff. However, with only a single turret remaining there was absolutely nothing else to be done. KT went the safe route, secured a second Baron buff and, after 39 minutes, destroyed their opponent’s Nexus to even the series.

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Game 3: Ruler steals the spotlight as Gen.G retakes the lead

The two teams went for aggressive bottom lane pairings (Ezreal-Tahm Kench on Gen.G’s side and Lucian-Pyke for KT Rolster). KT went for an early engage five minutes in, and while the duo nearly managed to take down Ruler’s Ezreal. Mia went too far forward chasing after the kill. Fly (Lissandra) went for a roam and arrived in time to help his bottom lane secure the first blood. UmTi’s Aatrox pick quickly started creating trouble for Gen.G all over the map, firs securing a kill onto Ruler and then moving top side to finish off CuVee (Akali). KT went for an engage down bottom and all of a sudden both teams were fully committed to the fight. With UmTi and Bdd (Swain) using their Ultimates to soak up a huge amount of damage. KT went for a dive and walked away with three kills and a turret.

In Contention

Gen.G still remained in contention, keeping KT’s gold lead around 1,000. KT found a pickoff on Peanut (Lee Sin) and went for Baron. Up one man, the team let the neutral objective reset and decided to chase after Gen.G’s player. A poor early engage by Kingen (Irelia) gave Gen.G all it needed. Ruler began taking down KT’s members one after the other, scoring an ace for his team. It was a quick turnaround. Gen.G could go for an easy Baron buff and push the lanes with no resistance on KT’s side. It quickly built a 5,000 gold lead, while Ruler’s Ezreal reached the power spike. Gen.G’s AD Carry made short work of KT’s frontline, bursting down UmTi’s Aatrox and creating the opening Gen.G needed to finish the game in 34 minutes.

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Game 4: Gen.G closes out the series, through to the finals

Trying to abuse the lack of mobility on KT’s bottom lane of Ashe and Tahm Kench, Gen.G went for a four-men play on the support. While Peanut (Gragas) did get the first blood, KT’s Mia was able to respond by using his Devour on Fly (Urgot) to make it an even trade. A bad initiation by KT in the mid lane quickly put the game out of their hands, with Gen.G able to secure kills onto UmTi (Nocturne), Mia and Bdd (Le Blanc). CuVee (Akali) added a solo kill on Smeb (Jayce) to the count. Even without moving their resources towards the top side, Gen.G was able to secure the first turret courtesy of CuVee.

Split Push

KT moved UmTi, Smeb and Mia to the bottom lane trying to pickoff CuVee’s split push, but the Gen.G top laner still managed to fight back and take out KT’s jungler. Without Tahm Kench’s Ultimate available, the defending LCK champions had no way of contesting Gen.G’s Baron call. However, with Gen.G taking a long time to slay Nashor. KT bought enough time to come back and clear out the low-health members on their opponent’s side. Ruler (Ezreal) being the only one left. Even with a single buff remaining, Gen.G forced its way down mid lane and relied on Ezreal’s poke along with Akali’s flanking to take down two of KT’s turrets.


The additional space meant that Gen.G had priority for a second Infernal drake and another Baron buff, which the five members successfully secured 34 minutes in. The team added a massive third Infernal drake before marching inside their opponent’s base. KT still managed to take CuVee out, but even down a man Gen.G still held the advantage and grabbed four kills in order to finish the game and advance to the 2018 KeSPA Cup finals.

KeSPA Cup Quarterfinals, Day 2

Gen.G will meet the winner of the second semifinals between Griffin and DAMWON Gaming. The 2018 KeSPA Cup finals are set for December 31.

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