KeSPA Cup Round of 8 Day 2: SKT and DAMWON to Quarters

KeSPA Cup Esports Round of 8, Day 2 SKT and DAMWON to Quarters League of Legends lol

KeSPA Cup quarterfinals are set following SKT’s win over bbq Olivers and DAMWON Gaming knocking out the underdogs from Team Seoul.

It’s fair to say that the second and final day of the 2018 KeSPA Cup round of 8 brought no surprises. DAMWON Gaming needed three games but eventually defeated a surprisingly strong Team Seoul while SKT‘s star-filled roster swept the relegated bbq Olivers.

DAMWON Gaming ends Seoul’s Cinderella run
Esports DAMWON Gaming ends Seoul's Cinderella run KeSPA Lol League of Legends
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Team Seoul, an amateur team from the KeG Championship, produced the biggest upset from this year’s KeSPA Cup so far after defeating Hanwha Life in the first round. Their surprising run, however, came to an end after a loss to recently promoted LCK team DAMWON Gaming in a three game series.

Game 1: Seoul relies on chaotic style for a comeback win

DAMWON’s jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu made good use of his Kha’zix pick and gave his team an early 2-0 lead. However, a failed three-men dive on the top side of the map gave Seoul’s AD Carry Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong plenty of resources to keep himself and the team still in the game. While DAMWON had a much better macro management, building a three turret lead, Seoul’s ability to force skirmishes. Following good pickoffs created by support Ha “POP” Min-wook’s Rakan, jungler Choi “Ellim” El-lim’s Lee Sin, and toplaner Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon’s Akali kept the game close.

DAMWON landed three kills following a poorly executed Baron call by Seoul but failed to pick any major objectives around the map. Seoul’s midlaner Bae “Plex” Ho-young picked off DAMWON’s mid Heo “ShowMaker” Su, which gave the KeG champions the man advantage necessary for a second attempt at slaying Nashor. DAMWON did try to contest the objective, but this time Seoul’s support POP landed a perfect engage and the team followed that with a clean ace. Seoul relied on the timeless midlane rush startegy to get inside DAMWON’s base and blow up the Nexus.

Game 2: DAMWON uses its superior map control to even the series

Just like game 1, DAMWON’s better objective control around the map over Seoul’s better fighting led to a solid gold lead. This time around however, unlike game 1, the Challenger Series team found a way to close things. Seoul went for a sneaky Baron call at the 24 minute mark. However, DAMWON was ready to contest and secured three kills along with the buff.

With most of Seoul’s base exposed, DAMWON had plenty of space to go for a second Baron, securing the buff without any trouble. Holding a ten-thousand gold. It easily closed out the second game in 31 minutes with a clean ace inside their opponent’s base.

Game 3: DAMWON stomps as Seoul looks completely lost

A bad bottom lane gank from Elim’s Olaf and a good Teleport followed by a flash into taunt combo by ShowMaker’s Galio resulted in a first blood for DAMWON. The CK team then proceeded to execute a perfect dive under Seoul’s bottom turret, securing a second kill. Things went from bad to worse for the KeG representatives following a pickoff on Doran’s Urgot, which resulted in a four thousand gold lead for DAMWON 13 minutes into the game.

Seoul desperately tried to find a way back into the game, but did so by constantly forcing poorly timed engages, overly aggressive dives and all around bad fights and skirmishes. Any attempt at a comeback quickly went out of the window as DAMWON had already built a massive 11,000 gold lead with 13 kills to two and four turrets to one only 20 minutes in. A team fight at the 21 minute mark handed another three kills for the Challenger Series team and an uncontested Baron buff, which DAMWON used to push into Seoul’s base and destroy their Nexus just short of the 25 minute mark.

SKT sweeps bbq Olivers to keep undefeated run going
Esports DAMWON SK Telecom T1 BBQ Olivers KeSPA Lol League of Legends
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SKT’s super team is on a roll. The victim this time was bbq Olivers, one of the two teams relegated this summer from the LCK’s summer split. SKT did execute a perfect game to open the series, but a poor showing in game 2 will likely provide a reminder that the new lineup still needs some work for the 2019 spring split. And the remaining KeSPA Cup matches will play a key role in that.

Game 1: A perfect game from SKT

With Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok repeating his Lissandra pick from the first round, SKT’s midlaner quickly pushed in his lane and roamed to the bottom side of the map along with jungler Kim “Clid” tae-min’s Zac. The four on two advantage handed a double kill on bbq’s duo Wind and Jang “Zzus” Joon-soo to SKT’s AD Carry Park “Teddy” Jin-seong’s Lucian.

Another successful gank from Clid handed a third kill to Teddy, and with Clid consistently picking off bbq’s AD Carry and giving Teddy more gold, it snowballed from here. Teddy finished with a 7/0/4 KDA, while Clid got a 2/0/8 score to help SKT end the first map in just over 22 minutes. With two Cloud drakes, a 12-0 kill score and nine turrets to none, SKT completed a perfect game without any sort of resistance from their opponents.

Game 2: SKT’s relies on experience to pull off a comeback win

Things got off to a better start for bbq thanks to an aggressive botlane combo of Draven and Thresh. However, SKT’s superstar support Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong managed to catch Zzus’ Thresh in a bad spot. A perfectly timed ultimate from Clid’s Nocturne allowed Teddy’s Lucian to pick up the first blood. bbq’s Swede jungler Sebastian “Malice” Edholm, who already made history by becoming the first ever foreigner to play for a Korean team, made good use of bbq’s brief control over the river and defeated the Infernal drake for bbq’s first map objective in the series. Overly aggressive plays from toplaner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha and Clid handed a 4-1 kill score to bbq.


Even then, SKT’s superior macro management allowed the team to collect the first brick gold and a two thousand lead. Another bad play by Khan, however, allowed bbq back into the game, with Wind picking up a good cash with Draven’s passive ability. Thanks to Zzus perfect hooks, some good placed ultimates from Jeong “autumn” Soo-hwan’s Orianna and the burst from Malice’s Kha’zix along with Draven consistently stacking up kills gave bbq a fine lead.

But the team’s inability to take control over the Baron proved to be fatal. Even with Faker out courtesy of a pick-off, a four-men SKT successfully contested bbq’s attempt to secure the buff, which allowed Teddy’s Lucian enough time to hit his power spike. A perfect fight from SKT in the midlane resulted in four kills to none, including a shutdown on Wind’s Draven. The team then proceeded to rush into bbq’s base, ending the game and sweeping the series in order to advance to the 2018 KeSPA Cup quarterfinals.

The 2018 KeSPA Cup action resumes this week, while the finals are set for December 31.

2018 League of Legends KeSPA Cup

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