FNATIC Signs Pro Gamer Bwipo For Three Years


FNATIC Signs Pro Gamer Bwipo For Three Years.

Some big news out of the FNATIC headquarters. FNATIC signs pro gamer Bwipo for three more years. That would mean Bwipo will become a free agent at the end of the 2021 season.

Bwipo Resume

With FNATIC giving Dylan Falco and sOAZ permission to seek new opportunities, they would need to make sure to keep on board other crucial members such as Bwipo.

One of Fnatics biggest divisions is their League of Legends division, in which they have been incredibly successful, finishing 1st place is most LoL events. The last 7 major events had Dylan Falco coaching the team, and sOAZ and Bwipo on the teams. Bwipo, however, has been been with FNATIC since their first League of Legends event “Frag-o-Matic” in 2017 where they won first place, so it’s to FNATIC’s best interest to keep one of the major players from their success LoL run on the team.

FNATIC Signing

The the re-signing of Bwipo, FNATIC posted a quick message on their Twitter account to all their fans about this move, stating the accomplishments of Bwipo:

“Two-time EU LCS winner. Worlds final attendee. PC Esports Rookie of the Year. All in his first year at Fnatic.”

Attached to the tweet was a small 37 second clip of Bwipo’s message to the esports community where he says:

“Hey guys, I have some hopefully good news for you. Or well, at the very least I’m going to be signing onto FNATIC for the new 3 years. After 2018 I feel like the yhear was too good to pass up on another opportunity in 2019, but in the same way I feel like I’ve got to build something I can all home here. So I want to thank you all for all the support in the past year, and I hope you look forward to the next few years as much as I am.”

From FNATIC’s Youtube Channel:
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