BLG vs JDG, IG vs LGD 2019 LPL Spring Split Matches Recap

tsm vs opt LCS Spring Split Matches Recap

JD Gaming continues to climb up the LPL standings with a win over Bilibili Gaming. Invictus drops another series as LGD wins for the first time this split

Despite featuring a brand new roster after losing its key players from summer split, JD Gaming is back to fight for the top. The team scored its third win out of four series with a sweep over Bilibili Gaming and sits comfortably inside the top 5 of the LPL standings. In the second series of the day, LGD Gaming produced a huge upset with a win over reigning world champions Invictus Gaming. The result becomes even more amazing considering that LGD had yet to win a series this split and sat dead last in the standings, while IG had only dropped two series in all of 2018. This was Invictus’ second loss this split, although it should be noted that superstar AD carry Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo sat out for the series against LGD and was replaced by Chen “West” Long.

Game 1
BLG vs JGD 2019 LPL spring split
Twitter/LPL EN

Despite a late first blood, coming past the 11 minutes, the game suddenly picked up the pace as JGD secured three kills after BLG grabbed a Mountain drake, which included a double for AD carry Gu “Imp” Seung-bin (Kai’Sa). JD built a solid lead in the early game thanks to its better teamfighting, turning that into four towers.

The teams then began the dance around the Baron pit, with BLG successfully stopping a first attempt at the objective by JD Gaming. When Bilibili Gaming controlled the vision around the pit, JD surprisingly found a good fight and picked up two kills, in great part thanks to good plays by Imp and mid laner Zeng “YaGao” Qi (Le Blanc) into their opponent’s backline. As BLG was pushed back and lost priority in the top and mid lanes, JD Gaming secured an uncontested buff.

The powerplay exposed BLG’s top lane inhibitor, and the teams proceeded to trade kills until JDG found an opening to secure the Elder dragon. After a pick on Bilibili jungler Zeng “Metoer” Guo-Hao (Olaf), JD secured the second Baron of the game. Holding the two major buffs, JDG destroyed the top and mid lane inhibitors, following it up with four kills. That opened up the path to the Nexus, allowing the team to end the game after over 40 minutes of play.

Game 2

JD opened the score for the second game by picking off Metoer (Kha’Zix) on the river. Just like in the first game, JDG built a solid lead, being ahead by 5,000 gold at the 15 minute mark.

As Bilibili Gaming failed to take down a single turret on JD’s side, the third place team from the summer split opened the top lane inhibitor and nearly closed out the game just 22 minutes in, with BLG mounting a heroic final stand to drive JDG away as the Nexus got taken to less than 10% of its health bar.

In a desperate attempt to save anything from the game, Bilibili forced a Baron execution immediately after. The team did manage to secure the buff, but JDG scored an ace inside the pit and completed the job it had started earlier, destroying the Nexus to close out the game after 24 minutes.

Game 1
LGD vs IG 2019 LPL Spring Split
Twitter/LPL EN

LGD had a rare solid early game, finding two picks onto IG mid laner Song “Rookie” Eui-jin (Syndra) and World Championship finals MVP Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning (Kindred). To make matters worse for the reigning world champions, LGD’s Guo “Lies” Hao-Tian (Yorick) dominated his lane and and destroyed the turret with the full gold from all five plates, building an important win condition for his team.

Lies continued to push in the top lane, aided by a Mountain buff. As LGD added a second drake to the count, IG found a way back into the game by forcing a fight inside the pit, securing two kills and heading straight for Baron. The powerplay was slowed down thanks to a pickoff onto Ning in the mid lane, although IG kept itself in the game by adding a second Infernal drake and securing four kills in a fight as LGD tried to contest the objective, which almost wiped out LGD’s 5,000 gold lead.

As Invictus had the momentum swing in its favor, LGD mid laner Hu “Yuuki” Hao-Ming (Lissandra) found a good engage and had the follow-up from his team. LGD picked up four kills and opened the mid lane inhibitor. With priority both on the top side as well as the mid lane, LGD went for Baron and secured an uncontested buff.

With Lies splitting on the top side, LGD pushed in from all sides and took down the three inhibitors, setting up the siege onto the Nexus. IG did everything it could to defend its base but LGD ultimately managed to end the game after 38 minutes.

Game 2

Invictus subbed in its star top laner Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok, but less than a minute in LGD picked him off inside the river brush on the top side for the first blood. LGD continued to pile up kills early on, and turned the advantage into an Infernal drake as well as the bottom lane turret with all five plates. LGD added a second Infernal to build another win condition. Meanwhile, AD carry Ha “Kramer” Jong-hun (Kai’Sa) started to run away with the game, using his Ultimate to burst down IG’s players one after another.

As Invictus secured its first drake of the game, LGD managed to find a good trade by taking down Ning (Camille). With no Smite on IG’s side, LGD went for Baron and secured the buff, following it up with four kills as IG tried to take the buff away from LGD’s players.

Kramer continued to dish out more damage as LGD pushed for the three inhibitors. Invictus managed to shut down the LGD AD carry at 13 kills, although the last place team in the standings ultimately came out on top as Yuuki (Zoe) completed the ace. Despite only having two members up, LGD’s minions were already at the Nexus and the team was finally able to close out the series for its first win of the LPL split.

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