Best League of Legends Backdoors in Pro Play

Best League of Legends Backdoors in Pro Play
  • There is probably nothing more dramatic in League of Legends than a risky backdoor move. It doesn’t matter if your team is better in every way, or if your Nexus explodes. Here we look at the best League of Legends backdoors in Pro Play.
Best League of Legends Backdoors in Pro Play

In honor of yesterday’s LEC game between G2 vs Fnatic, where an incredible backdoor decided a 40-minute game that was really even, we decided to make a list with the most exciting backdoors in League of Legends esports history.

For this list we took into consideration how difficult it was to pull off, and the stakes of the game. It’s not the same to make this plays in the regular season under no pressure then make them in an elimination match of a tournament. Only the best of the best have the skills and confidence to perform backdoors in dire moments in League of Legends.

5. Froggen’s Twisted Fate (EG vs FNC EU Spring Split W9 2013)

Personally one of my favorite mid laners, Froggen has proven time after time to have the mechanics of a world-class player. Even if he has not seen much success recently, and has not been accompanied with the best teammates over the years. Back in 2013 he played with Evil Geniuses and managed to pull a Xpeke to Xpeke himself.

At the 30 minute mark, he was just out of reach of his team when a teamfight broke. Seeing how they were losing, he immediately used Fate/Gate to teleport into the enemy Nexus. Using Lich Bane procs, he destroyed the Nexus’ turrets before the enemy arrived. While damaging the Nexus he saved himself with a clutch Zhonyas and killed 2. Even though he was killed right after the damage was already done, as the super minions finished the job, it gave the victory to Evil Geniuses.

4- Darshan’s Jax (CLG vs JAG IEM San Jose Semifinals 2015)

This time was a much more important match. Darshan and the rest of CLG had it difficulty against a Korean team as Jin Air Greenwings. A good start was needed for them to gain momentum and succeed. And that is exactly what happened.

CLG managed to hold their ground against the Koreans, trading blow for blow and extending the game over the 50-minute mark. When the teamfight for Baron broke, both teams were looking to close the game. Darshan saw a window and went straight to the Nexus’ turrets.

The enemy Rek’Sai tried to stop him but Jax was too tanky at that point. When the help arrived, the Nexus was at half health already. Lissandra tried to CC Jax but he instantly used his Quicksilver Sash and Flash to keep hitting the Nexus. He managed to kill it with a sliver of health, giving CLG the victory in game 1. You can watch the game here.

3- ZionSpartan’s Nasus (DIG vs TSM NA Summer Playoffs Quarterfinals 2014)

In a series marked for the excellent backdoors, we could not ignore one made from no other than the late game menace of Nasus. Darshan, playing for Dignitas under the name of ZionSpartan was facing the fan-favorite Team Solo Mid. He decided to go for the unconventional and picked Nasus.

Building a Trinity Force and tanky, and farming his Siphoning Strike all game long, the stage was set. At the 54 minute mark TSM tried to force the mid inhibitor turret, as the had the teamfight advantage. But ZionSpartan was ahead of the play and left a ward in an unguarded enemy inhibitor he had worked on previously. As soon as TSM engaged he teleported to the ward.

Using his Q, he easily broke the inhibitor and started working on the Nexus turrets. Only Lee Sin managed to recall from TSM. Dodging a crucial Sonic Wave and damaging the Nexus, he put Wither on the Lee Sin and almost died before a final Q took a third of the Nexus health and gave the victory to Dignitas. Watch it all here.

2- Nagne’s Diana (KT vs KOO LCK Summer Playoffs R3 2015)

In a game 3 to close up the series, Nagne pulled an impossible feat. With 20% health Nagne was trying the backdoor to secure the victory when the enemy Rumble arrived, forcing Nagne’s Zhonyas with his Flamespitter. As humanly possible, Nagne shielded with Pale Cascade and obliterated the Rumble with a full spell rotation, ending below 5% health.

But that didn’t stop Nagne, as he started hitting the Nexus only faced by Alistar. Thanks to some clutch Pale Cascades he survived the bull’s horns. With Moonsilver, Blade was able to hit hard and kill the Nexus fast enough, giving KT the victory and tying the series 1 to 1.


1- Xpeke’s Kassadin (FNC vs SK IEM Katowice Group Stage 2013)

Of course, this list could not end another way, the famous Xpeke backdoor. It’s still the most amazing backdoor this game has ever seen. After a siege attempt from Fnatic at the 55 minute mark, things went south really fast and 2 were killed by SK Gaming. Xpeke with 10% had to run into the jungle chased by a big Cho’Gath, and with death timers that long things looked dire for Fnatic.

That’s when Xpeke acted, teleporting to the enemy’s base with no much health. He started hitting the exposed Nexus immediately, using Rift Walk to avoid the enemy Olaf as long as he could. When Cho’Gath returned and used Homeguards to stop Xpeke, he crucially avoided his skills and dealt the final blow to the Nexus, showing some of the best League skills that fans have ever seen. Watch that amazing game here.

What are the Best League of Legends Backdoors LoL

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