Will Valorant have Ranked Game Mode?

Will Valorant have Ranked Game Mode
  • Valorant ranked gameplay might come in late 2020. Additionally, there will be a progression system in the game.

Ranked gameplay is the main feature for hardcore players in an FPS game. It promotes a level of competition for players who are looking for more than just some casual gaming. Ranked gameplay is the main transition point to the arena. Ranked is very important especially for FPS games because these tend to make players want to play more and retains a certain player base. When we take a look at the current situation, Ranked games are at the top of the FPS games such as Overwatch, CS: GO, Rainbow Six Siege. These games all have a place in the esports arena. Valorant is the new game of Riot Games and Riot Games is entering into the FPS genre with this addition. But will Valorant have ranked gameplay?

Ranked Mode in Valrorant?

Currently, the answer is, no. Valorant is not even released yet. However, the developers announced that we will see the Ranked game mode around late 2020. Of course, this also means that they plan to release the game around summer. Valorant agents will have different abilities. Apparently players will be able to progress their agents and unlock new abilities. This is an interesting concept. As we generally do not have unlockable abilities in FPS games. Also as you rank up there will be more items that you can play with. This is going to make game progression unique to an FPS title. Call of Duty does have a progression system but there is currently not even a word of Ranked gameplay.

Additionally, players will be able to get daily quests regarding matches and their agents. These will all contribute towards unlocking new abilities, items and earning in-game currency. A game like Valorant will definitely have cosmetics as well. These cosmetics will be unlocked with the in-game currency. Currently, there are no words regarding Valorant coming to consoles. But it is a possibility since league of Legends developers are also entering to console market with Wild Rift. Valorant will be an interesting addition to the FPS genre and we cannot wait to play it.

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