Why Is Minecraft So Popular?

Why Is Minecraft So Popular
  • Today we will try to answer the question, Why is Minecraft so popular? Does it have to do with nostalgia, or just the fact that it’s an overall incredibly fun game?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever made. The game has millions of players, and the demographics spread across all types. Minecraft became more than a game. There are thousands of games around us with better graphics than Minecraft, and even more complex in design since of course, Minecraft is a pixel game. However, just Minecraft alone tells us that graphics do not mean anything in a video game. Yes, graphics improved a lot in the last two decades. But, let s look at some of the most famous games out there. Fortnite does not have great graphics as it has a cartoonish look. Stardew Valley does not have the best graphics either. Even WoW has old graphics now. Therefore, we can ask why is Minecraft so popular?

Reasons Why Minecraft Is So Popular

Minecraft is popular for a reason. The answer to this question has several layers. First of all the game is simple. You spawn and you are in a world of blocks. Literally everything is a block. Your creations are made out of blocks and you are digging out blocks. The game is as simple as it gets. That makes the game extremely easy to grasp and it speaks to every player on a very basic level. Yes, there is a learning curve but it is nothing compared to most of the games out there. Also, Minecraft is easily accessible by many people. You can even play it on a browser. Even though the game is over 10 years old now, it is still fun and does get updated regularly.

Secondly, the things that you can create in Minecraft is limited to your imagination. Some players just play the game to create things. We have seen some crazy creations from cities to massive buildings. These are very important aspects, and after all, this game is truly a sandbox game. We even heard about a person who created a working computer in Minecraft. Your beliefs are even on servers. There are all kinds of servers from Communist servers to Christian Church servers. Players from all over the world can make their servers and shape it however they want.

Also, you do not need a high-end PC to run Minecraft. This is one of the reasons why Minecraft is so popular. Nowadays, when an AAA game comes out we need to check the system requirements. However, you do not have these limitations with Minecraft. This makes the game accessible by players. It is really fun to play with your friends and does not need a lot of things to have a client to run etc. Role-playing with your friends is extremely fun. Also, you will never play the same world over and over again. The worlds are randomly generated. The game is a never-ending open world.

These are some of the answers we can find for why is Minecraft so popular. It is the ultimate game for sandbox gameplay and we believe Minecraft will stay alive for a very long time. If the game was released on Steam or somewhere else they would have surpassed 100 million downloads by now. Currently, the game has sold more than 25 million copies since the launch.

Now with Minecraft Dungeons on its way, it gives birth to a whole new generation of gamers who were never introduced to pixelated gaming. To see where Minecraft will be in 2020 will be very interesting given that Dungeons will be the biggest event for a while now and will keep its popularity among old gamers.

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