Where To Tip Moxxi In Borderlands 3 Tips Appreciated Trophy Guide

Where To Tip Moxxi In Borderlands 3 Tips Appreciated Trophy Guide
  • Borderlands 3 is already out, and Gearbox Software already has a set of trophies players need to complete. Here’s the “Tips Appreciated Trophy” achievement guide.

Where To Tip Moxxi In Borderlands 3 (Tips Appreciated)

The anticipated Borderlands 3 is finally out, and players are quickly looking to unlock achievements set by Gearbox. Prior to the release of the game, Epic Games collaborated with Gearbox Software for a game collaboration between Fortnite and the upcoming Borderlands 3. The event was called “Fortnite X Mayhem“. There were challenges players needed to complete in the Borderlands 3 event such as the “Pandora Challenge” where players needed to find Clap’s missing eye and return it to him. Additionally, there were lots of goodies in the Fortnite shop such as skins for players and weapons. Well, now Borderlands 3 is here and we have our first challenge to complete.

Borderlands 3 Tips Appreciated Trophy

The first item on the list is to find Moxxi, a bartender located towards the north side of the zone. When you start, you are in the Cargo Bay Bridge. You’ll need to work your way into the Sanctuary to find Moxxi and tip her. But how do you do that?

How To Tip Moxxi?

Moxxi is located in her bar inside the Sanctuary. It’s a straight forward challenge called the “Trips Appreciated Trophy”. To tip Moxxi, head towards the end of the hallway where you see the heart-shaped Ellie sign on the wall. Before heading downstairs, take a left and head through the enclosed door. Continue straight till you hit the Moxxxi bar. The Moxxi slot’s are also located there where you can play and win some prizes including cash, customizations, loot, and even Eridium.

How top give a tip to Moxxi in Borderlands

Once you reach the bar, head towards the counter where you’ll see Moxxi near the cashier. You can simply “insert your tip” by selecting the $100 option in the menu selection looking at the tipping jar where Moxxi is at. You don’t need to choose $1000. Only $100 is needed. After you tip Moxxi she will say,

“How sweet.”

tips appreciated trophy for moxxxi bar slots

After you tip her, you will have unlocked the “Tips Appreciated Trophy” challenge.

Video of Moxxi location:

Here’s a video by HarryNinetyFour showing where to tip Moxxi in Borderlands 3:

To find more Borderlands 3 challenges and achievements, check Game Life for daily updates.

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