What is Valorant?

What is Valorant by Riot Games
  • Riot Games is entering to FPS World with Valorant. The game is a combination of many games.

There are many FPS games in todays video game world. When we take a look at the esports scene FPS games and MOBA’s are at the top of the list. League of Legends developers Riot Games announced their FPS game as Project A several months ago. However, today we got the gameplay trailer for it. The game is still in the Alpha stage but it does look like, they have come a long way. The game called Valorant and it is a hero shooter meeting a true FPS. It has a lot of different aspects of many different games. Let us take a look at the Valorant.

When we first look at the game we can see that there are different heroes in the game. These heroes have unique abilities each and every one of them is crucial to team play in some way. As we have said before Valorant combined several different things from different games. First of all, we have the one headshot kill mechanic from CS: GO. On top of it, we have heroes with different abilities like Overwatch. There are different varieties of weapons in the game as well. From a sniper rifle to a shotgun. The gameplay that we watched is a bomb match.

Valorant is the first take on the FPS genre from Riot Games. We are not so sure about the game, however, Riot Games is behind the game so they have the necessary resources. It does look like Riot Games designed Valorant for the esports arena. The game does look competitive and the map designs reflect this. Valorant is going to an interesting addition to the FPS genre. We hope that Riot Games can provide another gem that lasts for years to come.

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