What is MORDHAU? A Medieval FPS We’ve Been Waiting For.


Swords, Battle Axes and Medieval Knights. MORDHAU is finally here, and it’s a medieval FPS game worth checking out.

What is MORDHAU? A Medieval FPS Game For The Ages.

First person shooter fans will have a chance to experience a new medieval FPS game. It’s not the first time a medieval FPS game was mande. We had big companies like Ubisoft with For Honor trying to capture that essence. Most of us will remember Chivalry Medieval Warfare as well. The general idea behind these games was to make the player feel like they are in a Medieval setting and fighting for their life.

However, there was always one problem with each and every one of these games. For Honor was expected with a lot of hype. However, the game’s release date was such a mess which it never recovered from. On top of it, the problem was the P2P (player to player) server connection. The issue here was obvious; when the host dropped out of the game you were looking at the screen for 10-15 seconds in the middle of the match. Major buzzkill. Do not get me wrong, For Honor looked simply stunning, and the animations were amazing mixed in with great characters. But the scale of war was also very small (4v4).

Chivalry Medieval Warfare was another example of a multiplayer medieval game. The game was released in 2012. One of the major complaints about the game were the graphics. When you were making a cut towards a player’s arm, their arm would get chopped if the attack was strong enough. Many parts of the body were choppable basically. But the game was a big buggy mess. The problems were everywhere.

So What is MORDHAU?

MORDHAU is a Medival Multiplayer game from Triternion. You can be anything you want in the game; a knight, cavalry or an archer even. There are a variety of weapons to choose from. You can play multiplayer or co-op with your friendsas well as customizing your characters very distinctively. Reality is not forgotten as players are able to pick stuff up from the battlefield. There are even injuries from jumping around the Battlefield.

MORDHAU Checklist

Battle Size

MORDHAU excels in this part. Players can play 32v32 meaning 64 players are on the battlefield. This is comparable to the Battlefield games from EA as there’s also 64 player modes. Therefore, we’ll be seeing a much larger battlefield than the previous medieval FPS games mentioned above. There will be many different scenarios to be made on the battlefield. Players can choose to put archers over high places or try to make a shield wall with their brethren. The possibilities are endless.

Character Customization

Players are able to customize their characters in-depth. You can create your face, and you can customize your armor. On top of it, players can also customize their weapons.

Amazing Physics and Realistic Combat

Since this is a medieval game, players expect to have a believable battleground. The fights are very intense and hardcore but also you can die easily from a perfect shot with an arrow. You can also slay your opponent in the last second with a great skillful move. The games combat system is similar to Chivalry meaning you can still chop off body parts. Players can also get hurt from jumping from a ledge. The movement of the characters is fluid and believable. Mouse moves are essential to sword fighting like other titles.

Game Modes

There are plenty of game modes such as Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, also Skirmish game-mode. MORDHAU also has bigger modes, 64 player Battle Royale and Frontline, featuring siege engines, cavalry combat even ladder combat. There is also a Co-Op mode called Horde to play with your friends against a wave of enemies.


Chivalry Medieval Warfare 2.0

Ok here is the deal. If you loved Chivalry you will love this game as they are comparable. Of course, both of them are made with the Unreal Engine, but are developed by different studios. So they should be different games in general. But, Mordhau feels like someone put a different name tag on it, up-scaled the graphics and released it as it’s quite similar to Chivalry.

Server Problems

Server Problems with this kind of games are expected. It is an indie game after all. However, there was a long development cycle. The release date came and there are still problems with the servers. Players can not even invite their friends on occasion, and 64 players battles have as mediocre server stability even in the best of times.

Gore Combat

The game is a little bit bloody can be too bloody for some people. Decapitations and such were a part of the battle scene in medieval times, however, there should be an option for the more sensitive to tone it down a little. If you are a person who does not enjoy gore, then this game will definitely not be for you.


Release Date and Price

The release date is upon us on 30 of April. MORDHAU is $29.99 however there is a sale on Steam for %10 until 6th of May which makes the price $26.99

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