Watch This Insane Freaker Horde Fail in Days Gone [Video]

Watch This Insane Freaker Horde Fail in Days Gone

One of the terrifying things in Days Gone is encountering a large group of Freakers (zombies). Watch as one player makes the mistake of interrupting a Freaker horde, and pays the price for it.

Days Gone – What’s up with the bad reviews?

One of the most anticipated games this year was Days Gone, a PS4 exclusive game. A week before the release of the game, demo testers were reporting major glitches and bugs in the game. The company behind Days Done, SIE Bend Studio, released a patch right before the games release on April 26th. This patch was suppose to fix major glitches and bugs that were reported by players who had access to the demo. The patch did fix plenty of issues, however, it didn’t sway hard critics from giving the game poor ratings.

Many review websites were giving average grades, listing these as the major points:

  • Loads of performance issues
  • Needless survival mechanics
  • Poor stealth and gunplay

Despite the harsh reviews, the community backed the game stating that it wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be. Metacritic’s user score was actually a 8/10 which is no where near the average that some review sites were giving.

One thing was certain. Apart from the Resident Evil series, there’s no much survival horror games. When Days Gone was announced, it was a type of game that many were yearning for.

Freaker Horde Fail in Days Gone

Since the release of the game, many gamers were uploading their best moments of the game. Some where showcasing incredible skills of Deacon St. John (protagonist) on his motorcycle avoiding hordes of Freakers. Others uploaded clutch moments using their weapons. However, not all the videos uploaded are tagged with fame and glory, such as this epic Freaker horder fail in Days Gone.

In the clip, the player confronts a large Freaker horde; all of them oblivious of his presence. As the player stands there, he has the brave idea to shoot a few Molotov cocktail at the Freakers.  As he throws two Molotov cocktails toward the large group, he successfully hits many Freakers, causing them to go in flames. However, his plan seemed to backfire as it alarmed the rest of the horde. This  caused the player to start running in the opposite direction, right after he was shooting at the Freakers from a distance. Furthermore, Freakers (zombies)  run in Days Gone; they don’t walk slowly as typically scene in other games/movies.

As the player started running away, the horde was catching up to him, eventually blocking him inside a barn where he couldn’t get out. At a few instances, it looked like he was able to out-run them and get free, however, he was blocked in and died instantly towards the end of the clip. Lesson learned; don’t poke the bear.

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