Ultra Rare Halo 4 Cortana Canvas


One of the rarest Halo collector items would be the Ultra Rare Halo 4 Cortana Canvas. It’s a beautiful framed piece of art that was attainable in a Mountain Dew contest.

Halo 4 Cortana Canvas

Memories of 2012, when Mountain Dew and Doritos launched a Halo 4 promotion called Unlock & Load Double XP. This Halo 4 Cortana Canvas was one of 50 available sweepstakes prizes from the promotion. Super cool and super rare.

Your Dew bottle or Doritos bag had a code on it that you would redeem on the promotional site to unlock double XP matches for Halo 4.


Furthermore, the sweepstakes prizes offered were also very impressive. Let’s take a look at them and as you can see, they only made 50 Halo 4 Cortana Canvas to give out, by far the rarest of the prizes.

Prize Breakdown

Halo 4 Wireless Controller – 105 available
Xbox 360 Console Halo 4 – 20 available
Halo 4 Limited Edition – 100 available
12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership – 75 available
14” Jada Warthog Die Cast – 50 available
7” Jada Warthog Die Cast With Figures – 52 available
6” McFarlane Halo 4 Figures – 400 available
Halo 4 Hoodie – 200 available
Halo 4 Avatar T-Shirt – 1000 available
ACME Gallery Wrapped Canvas – 50 available

It seems like one of the lucky 50 winners is stepping forward and looking to sell his canvas.


Nice to see a picture of the cert of authenticity instead of asking for it. Quoting,

Up for purchase is a Halo 4 Cortana canvas print number 26 of 50. This piece was only available through a Mountain Dew Sweepstakes. It includes a certificate of authenticity from Acme Archives. The custom frame cost around $140. Serious bidders only. If you have any questions please let me know. 

The piece measures 14”x18” and I had a custom frame created for it.


Lastly, As you can clearly see in the sweepstakes details and the picture below, as well, only 50 of these Halo 4 prizes ever awarded. 750$ seems like a very fair price because it also includes the frame. A very nice collectible for you Halo diehards.



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