Tyrael’s Hilt Loot Card from 2008 Blizzcon Paris World of Warcraft

Tyrael's Hilt Loot Card
  • Here’s the Tyrael’s Hilt Loot Card from 2008 Blizzcon Paris World of Warcraft. It’s an incredibly rare World of Warcraft (WoW) card which everyone is trying to get it, however, the price is what draws gamers away from this rare card.

Tyrael’s Hilt Loot Card from 2008 Blizzcon Paris World of Warcraft

Here’s a nice little WoW artifact from 2008. It’s Tyrael’s Hilt Loot Card from 2008 Blizzcon Paris (World of Warcraft). The Tyrael’s Hilt Loot Card is one of the rarest, if not the rarest World of Warcraft loot card you could get. Any time it comes on the market, players try to grab the rare card as they don’t want to miss the opportunity. However, this card does fetch a high price on the market, and owners are very aware of the cards value and the demand for it.

Why is Tyrael’s Hilt Loot Card So Rare?

Someone on the outside might look at the card and just think, “it’s another card“. Well, looking at the price it fetches, it’s more than that. According to WowHead.com, “This was a present for attending the 2008 Worldwide Invitational“. If you attended Blizzcon in 2008 you got the Tyrael’s Hilt Loot card (mini Tayrael). So probably the main reason the card is so rare is because how of exclusive it was. You had to be at a certain place, during a certain period to get this card. Otherwise, there was no other way to get the card. I can only imagine how many attendees used the card already. But for the very few who kept the loot card are still trying to cash in.

My theory is that the ones who kept the loot card and never redeemed it are casual WoW players, or gamers who don’t care about WoW / never played it but only attended Blizzcon.

Sell off of Tyrael’s Hilt Loot Card

There are some auctions online now that sell the cards; I believe 6 in total. Maybe more if you dig deeper around forums and community sites. But from our searches, there are two cards available and the lowest prices are:

  • US $2,106.42
  • US $4,995.00

The seller of the cheaper loot card says this in the description:

“Proof provided I have an unused unscratched code Will provided real-time video (Skype/messenger/others) and/or any other request to show and proof I got the card…

Lowest priced in the world atm…the one at wowtcgloot.com is about $3.99k usd.”
It’s insane that people are willing to spend thousands on a digital item. Times have really changed and I believe there will be an authoritative market place soon for all digital items (if there isn’t one already).
The Seller even made a video of the card he has for proof which will be posted below. There’s already a bidder at US $2,106.42. Will more gamers bid on this artifact?

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