Top 3 Games Of The 2010s

Top 3 Games Of The 2010s

Gaming has changed a lot over the last decade. The gaming community continues to grow and there are many games to thank for that. Today, games are becoming an essential part of our life. This is due to 3 different elements. First of all, mobile gaming took off and people of all ages started to play games on their mobile phones.

Gaming was also affected naturally by technological advancements. This propelled gaming forward more than anything else. Today, even Indie games can have an open world or a game with great graphics. We have seen some ups and downs with some of the games for sure, but we cannot deny that we are reaching to a great place for gaming.

When we take a look at the last decade, players can be quite controversial about which games were the best. However, there are some games that most of us enjoyed. The days of MMORPG’s are long gone as well as RTS games; both heavily affected by the changing gaming scene. Also, esports and streaming rose as big markets. Ten years ago this was still a thing, however, it was much smaller. With all the changes that took place in the last 10 years, we’d like to focus on the top 3 best games of 2010s that have had a big impact on the gaming world.

#1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

What can we say about Skyrim? Skyrim affected everything from memes to pop culture. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released in 2011. The game quickly became a hit and an example of a properly done RPG with an open world. Most of us that played this game enjoyed hundreds of hours of it. The scenery was breathtaking for its time. However, even today Skyrim is one of the most modded games of all time. What made Skyrim amazing was the replay value and innovations it brought to the table. The combat system and the number of creatures were also a huge factor for the game’s success. But above all was the fantastic story mode.

Skyrim released several DLC’s afterward which expanded the game a little bit. Elder Scrolls Online was released later by Zenimax Online and the timing was perfect for the game. It was a bit of flop in the beginning, however, today it has one of the best communities in gaming. Recent news also showed us that Skyrim Region will be included in the game.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim allowed players to choose from multiple races. Most of us started the game with the Nords as they were natives of the land. However, we will never forget Khajiit and the orcs also. The lore of the game was extensive as there were hundreds of books inside the game. Of course, Elder Scrolls was a very long game series and this was expected. We will always remember Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and if you have not tried it until now, we would highly recommend it. The game is even available for VR players.

#2. Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is still one of the most played games in the past few years, and even though it came in the latter part of the decade, Fortnite’s impact in the gaming industry is something extraordinary. Although Fortnite was not the founder of Battle Royale games, it took an existing game mode and made it better than was it’s predecessors such as PUBG didn’t do. Fortnite started as a side mode for the game “Save the World”. However, the developers wanted to release a Battle Royale mode next to it. This was probably one of the best decisions in gaming history. The game literally took off and introduced an array of new emotes, outfits and skins on a weekly basis. Fortnite also created stars from streamers such as Ninja, who has seen worldwide success.

The game has a very unique system with building. This was included in the game from Save the World. Since that game was a survival game, and the 1×1 building system was unique it was loved by many players. Also, Fortnite did something better than PUBG. They included the game right away to consoles. Unlike PUBG, they did not bother with a year of Xbox exclusivity. Fortnite also entered to esports arena with the Fortnite World Cup. Its first-ever major esports tournament had a prize pool of 30 million dollars. The game not only impacted gaming in the last decade, it also impacted the esports world.

#3. GTA V

Rockstar Games knows how to make video games. It has been a very long time since a game of theirs was considered a failure. However, GTA V took it to whole new level. The game’s story was great and even the players did not get what they wanted as a DLC, they got something else, GTA Online. GTA Online was very successful. Rockstar earned millions of dollars just by selling Shark Cards. The game was so successful even today we are getting updated content for GTA V. The game allowed players to do their most wild fantasies like destroying an entire city. What you can do is defined by your imagination.

After 6 years, players are eagerly waiting for GTA 6. Of course, Rockstar did try to create the same vibe around Red Dead Redemption 2 with RDR 2 Online. But it was not that successful until now. GTA V changed player’s expectations with video games. The game was incredibly influential and still one of the top sellers in Steam. GTA V was a masterpiece and the online version of it changed the video game space forever. If you did not try the game yet, you can usually find it on discount these days from multiple platforms.


Gaming has changed immensely in this decade. We have no idea what the next decade will bring. Will there be more improvements in VR? Or will that continue to stay in the gaming shadows? Technological advancements like Stadia will need a longer time to establish, but we are sure the next decade will be amazing as the playing field continues to be extremely competitive, thus creating more unique experiences and innovations in the gaming industry. This concludes our list of Top 3 Best Games of the 2010s.

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