Steam Passed 1 Billion Accounts. Can Epic Games Store Compete?

Steam Passed 1 Billion Users. Can Epic Games Store Compete

Popular Game Client Service Steam passed the 1 Billion Accounts mark.

Steam was introduced back in 2003 by Valve Corporation, makers of popular games like CS:GO, Dota 2, and Portal. Steam was a means to enable automatic updates to it’s games. Since it’s introduction, Steam has amazed a large library of games not only from it’s offerings, but 3rd parties. Players generally have to open a Steam account in order to download a desired game that might be exclusive only to Steam.

For example, Steam was obligatory for Counter-Strike players. In the beginning, Valve wanted to release patches for Counter-Strike. However, as some players did not do the update it created problems. Therefore, they have started out testing Steam around 2002. When 2003 came around, every player had to download Steam to play Counter-Strike.  Half-Life 2 was another game that required a Steam download even for a retail copy of the game. Around 2007, however, we’ve seen big names such as Capcom, id Software and Eidos bring their games through the Steam client. It was a win-win for both sides as developers were able to reach more players through Steam and Valve was increasing their bottom line.

Steam Timeline History Valve Corporation
Source: Wikipedia
Years Later

As years passed, Steam became a much more user-friendly client. There were several reasons behind this. Steam started to use stable currency exchange rates for different countries. Most games were sold cheaper in other countries because Valve considered the original retail price would be too high for them due to the exchange rate. This created a massive player base from abroad. On top of all of this, Steam has an amazing sale date schedule. For example, around Christmas and Summer there are very big sales, and these sales are waited eagerly by players. There are bundles to choose consisting of many different titles or even Indie games.

Steam allows developers to sell their games for as low as $100. These numbers started to pile up and around 2014 the Steam market reached 1.5 billion dollars in value. There were other competitors from here and there but none even came close to Steam. Steam Workshop was another amazing achievement for Valve. As players started to create mods to enhance their game and change it, this feature became a fan favorite for many users. In the last years, steam quadrupled their game numbers and reached over 9,000 games.

Source: Wikipedia

However, recently they have announced Steam passed 1 billion users mark. This is an amazing achievement. Of course, this number consists of, for example, side accounts or accounts that were not touched for years. But, they have also revealed their monthly user number which is around 90 million active users per month. Also, 47 million daily users. These numbers are amazing.


In terms of competition, Epic Games is trying to compete with their client Epic Games Store. However, this created a rage from other users because Epic Games Store is trying to do games exclusive for their clients. Steam never tried to do something like this. But several major titles moved to Epic Games Store. There are several reasons behind this such as Epic Games is only taking 12% commission where Steam is taking 30%. Additionally, developers are allowed to use Unreal Engine for a small fee.

Epic Games Store Revenue Split
Image Source Epic Games


The competition between Steam and Epic Games Store is always better for the gaming industry as nobody wants a monopoly in the market. However, Steam was doing a good job for many years and is a well-respected company that has taken good care of it’s users. Will Epic Games be able to take more of Steams market share? If Epic can create more games like Fortnite, there’s a possibility that they will.

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