Squad: A Total Military Simulation

Squad A Total Military Simulation Steam Gameplay
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Today we will take a look at the Squad, a tactical military simulation with amazing gameplay.

Squad: A Total Military Simulation

In today’s market, there are many FPS games. We have generic ones like the battlefield series and more fast-paced action ones like Call of Duty. Also, we have shooters like Fortnite and more realistic PUBG. Yes, the market is right now dominated by these games. These games generally have millions of players on any given day. However, there are also military simulation games. These games are generally much more realistic. These games do not reward players who like to do 10 kills in 15 seconds. These military simulation games have a much better understanding of warfare than the other games.

When we say military simulation games, we have Arma series which comes to mind. Yes, the Arma series are great for military simulation gaming. However, they are also generally punishing for the new players. The controls and keybinds and learning things on Arma are on a whole other level. But in today’s world, we have a competitor against Arma called Squad.

What is Squad?

Squad is a tactical first-person shooter video game with modern maps and equipment. The game is developed by Canadian studio Offworld Industries. Squad is based on the Project Reality mod of Battlefield 2. The game features several playable factions, including various insurgent forces and national armies. Squad started its lifecycle in 2015.

The game is still in the Alpha stage, and of course, there are some minor issues. However, it looks amazing and feels great to play. This game is not for the faint-hearted. Squad rewards tactical battle play amazingly. You just can’t run around and run and gun. Of course, you get to kill enemies, after all, it is an FPS game. However, Squad, as you can understand from the name, excels in squad play.

Squad Gameplay

Squad, as we have said before awards tactical gameplay. Therefore you will need a mic to talk with your teammates. Each squad can have players up to 9 people. However, players are not allowed to take a marksman kit and run to a hill 500 meters away and camp. There are roles for each and every player. For example, Squad Leaders commands are the law. Each Squad has a squad leader these leaders have to give orders to all of the members on how to move where to attack or defend where to entrench.

There are medics and they are the lifeline of any squad, therefore, they are protected in order to carry out the orders. There are roles like anti-tanks and marksman. These are self-explanatory. However, marksman is generally needed for giving information to their squad.

As we have said before you do need a microphone for this game. Giving enemy locations and calling out for potential dangers is very important. If you do not use a microphone you can write into the chat, however, they are generally ignored. Be prepared to die as this game does not allow mistakes. Also, there is no kill cam. So if you die from an unknown location you cannot know where your enemy is. Your job is to follow commands and be one mind with your Squad.

Squad Community

Squad community is one of the best I have seen for a while. The game is hard and players acknowledge that, so they try to help out their teammates any way they can. Of course, there are some people who are toxic but that is very low. Here’s some gameplay from Karmakut:

Squad Game Modes

The game offers plenty of game modes so let us check them out.

  • Advance and Secure: Two teams will start from opposite ends of the map in their main base. Both teams try to capture and secure control points. These control points can be captured in a set order that you can see from the map.
  • Random Advance and Secure: Random Advance and Secure map layers introduce a mode where the flag layout will differ each time with a variety of flag objective combinations. Normal AAS layers will still have the normal static flag layouts.
  • Destruction: In the Destruction game mode, the team that is attacking needs to destroy several points before their ticket counts run out.
  • Conquest: Conquest is very similar to the Battlefield Conquest mode. Both sides begin with 400 tickets and tickets are constantly draining at a rate of 4 tickets per minute per flag owned by the enemy team. Therefore generally the team with the most flags win.
  • Invasion: The defending team has all the control in the beginning. The attacking team tries to push and capture. However, the control points are in order for you to capture. However when they capture a point the defending team cannot recapture the Control point.
Our Experience with Squad So Far

Squad offers amazing gameplay and tactical mind games. The game has great physics and great graphics. Generally, everything is spot on. Squad is incredibly realistic. The explosions, gunplay and the fear for your life are very immersive. Most of the time you are trying not to die by following your Squad Leaders commands. Squad is great for players who want to try something new. In today’s world, AAA games need to take a thing or two from this game. The game offers a solid player base with a mature audience.

The game is very satisfying, to say the least, and if you want, you can give out a try in one of the free weekends.

Squad Price

The game as we have said is still in Alpha. Steam Summer Sale is upon us and Squad price went down from $39.99 to $19.99.

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