Splitgate Arena Warfare Will Be Released Via Steam on May 22. Will be Free-to-Play

Splitgate Arena Warfare Release Steam on May 22 Free-to-Play
1047 Games

The Official Splitgate Arena Warfare Discord group announced the game’s release. 

Steam Release

1047 Games announced via the Splitgate Arena Warfare Discord group that the game will be available on May 22nd via Steam. The halo meets Portal FPS game will be a free-to-play game. The company behind the game, 1047 Games, announced an open beta for May 3rd to May 6th. Hopefully, all known bugs and glitches in the game will be fixed before the May 22nd release. The last time 1047 Games had an open alpha, players were reporting that certain glitches with the portals, and how some players were falling through solid platforms even though there were no portals in place.

Here’s another bug experienced by a player.

Although it will be likely that these bugs will be fixed, hopefully, the release of Splitgate Arena Warfare will be clean. Many players who were reporting the bugs were referring to the game as “wormhole wars” and “closed alpha”, for malfunctioned portals.

Console Release?

Although the early release of Splitgate Arena Warfare has excited many gamers, there was no additional info regarding a console release. As 1047 Games stated before, they would like to include a console release of the game, however, having a release at the same time as the PC release will be a little challenging. There was no mention of a console release not happening, but the likelyhood of it coming at the same time as PC’s aren’t looking good. The only mention of any association of Xbox One and PS4 is in 1047 Games FAQ page on their site, where they state,

“The main menu and setting menu has to be maneuvered with a mouse and keyboard; however, you can use a controller for gameplay. Xbox controllers will work automatically. You will have to download and install the DS4 Windows application to use a PS4 controller.” Source: here

Console players will have to wait for an official announcement from 1047 Games regarding a console release. To participate in the Beta demo, go here. Additionally, the page will update on May 22nd when the game gets released to the public. Here’s the official YouTube video for the warfare gameplay open beta:

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