SK Gaming Announcing Something Exciting Tomorrow – What Can it Be?


SK Gaming Announcing Something Exciting Tomorrow – What Can it Be?

Earlier today, the the official twitter account of SK Gaming Esports tweeted a rather peculiar tweet. @SKGaming revved it’s followers with the announcement filled with mystery and allure by saying: “We got something exciting to share with you guys very soon… “. . Not a bad tactic to get some engagement with your followers, especially when you post a video with pink and blue florescent lights all caught up in in a fog of smoke.

What’s in the Mystery Video?

The mystery behind the video is quite exciting. It starts off with a platform (or box?) revealing a bunch of smoke.

The video then cuts to an open space filled with smoke to cover anything that might give away the secret. Again, the bright 80’s neon pink light is propelling through the smoke to blind our eyes with curiosity. Of course there has to be a spotlights beaming around the room as if there’s a Dj prepping the dance floor.

The last scene shows a big spark show coming from a platform as if someone or some team won the most important championship in history! The scene then cuts to these words:

“TOMMOROW” and “10 AM GMT+1”

What is the secret?

What could SK Gaming Esports be hiding and waiting for tomorrow to announce? Juding by the video, it seems like it can be many things, including a new facility built for the team? No, couldn’t be that. Perhaps announcing a bunch of new rosters across their divisions?

We’re not sure, but by looking at the comments we can get some ideas.

Twitter Comments

As of this writing, there has been 10 retweets, and 134 likes.  One follower by the name of Sajmon Zawarus ‏says: “BTW ALL its all about League Of Legends Roster 😉“. And another user jokingly says, “a new mousepad?😄”. Cute.

But it seems that most followers are jumping to SK Gaming Esports announcing their roster for LoL, or lastly SK Gaming Esports making a return to the CS:GO esports scene.

Whatever the news is, we’ll all be waiting tomorrow at 10AM GMT+1.

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