Ninja Answers his FAQs in this New Video by WIRED

Ninja Answers his FAQs in this New Video by WIRED Fortnite Battle Royale
Image source: Wired

A recent video by WIRED shows Ninja answering all Google related searches based on Ninja. The questions are lighthearted and no difficult ones were obviously chosen, however, Ninja’s response are nonetheless interesting.

Ninja, aka Richard Tyler Blevins, was featured in WIRED’S latest “Auto complete” video interview. In this video, he was asked questions on the basis of Google searches done on him. As many would have imagined, the questions chosen weren’t going to be difficult, or controversial. However, some of the answers given we’re quite interesting given the situation.

Here are some of the questions that stood out in this interview

Here’s all 7 questions summarized in a short manner. If you wish to watch the video then please skip the questions below as this is a spoiler alert. If you don’t have time to watch the video then you can read the questions below.

1. Is Ninja streaming?
He rephrased the answer since he wasn’t streaming by that point of time and said that he streams for 10 hours a day almost everyday.

2. Is Ninja a hacker?
He Laughed and says no he is not a hacker and that it is all natural talent and skill.

3. Is Ninja an athlete?
He used to play soccer for almost 8 years and considered himself quite good at the sport at a young. He also considered himself as an eSports athlete as he takes part in various competitions.

4. Does Ninja buy tiers?
So apparently, Ninja has bought up to 25 tiers in certain Seasons, but apart from that there are seasons in which he has played from scratch to level 100.

5. Does Ninja get paid by Fortnite?
After a lot of thought he says “No”.

6. Does Ninja know Spanish?
So he has learnt Spanish for 6 years. He spent 2 years learning Spanish in college and four years in High School.

7. Has Ninja ever been banned from Fortnite?
He has always obeyed the rules and doesn’t plan on getting banned by doing anything against the games rules.

You can have a look at the full interview here:

If you notice on the bottom of the page, you would find that there are more than 120,00 dislikes on the video already . Though it has twice as many likes on the video than dislikes, one third of the total votes have contributed to the dislike section.

Why the hate? 

A lot has been going on with Richard Tyler Blevins recently. People have been upset about the number of accounts Richard has managed to get banned because of various reasons . For this reason, he has accumulated a base of people who will do anything to make sure he receives negative comments and dislikes on his social media accounts.

Another reason perhaps for this negative group is the quick fame he has achieved in just one year. On several Reddit posts that featured Ninja, the posts received many negative comments. Mostly surrounding the theme that he got his fame quickly and easily (which obviously isn’t the case).

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