New Archetypes Coming To Rise of Shadows Expansion

Rise of Shadows Expansion

One third of the new cards have been revealed while players are already thinking of exciting possibilities to use with them.

New Archetypes Coming To Rise of Shadows Expansion

With this year’s rotation of cards, a lot of archetypes will be missing. The loss of Naturalize means that Druid will almost be unable to play Togwaggle and Hakkar decks. Aggro Paladins will run out of gas faster without Divine Favor. And now that Baku and Genn are rotating out, all the Even and Odd decks will be useless. So for those of you who feel desperate for a new deck to play in Standard, I present to you some of the new archetypes coming in Rise of Shadows:

Summoning Mage

Hearthstone Summoning Mage


With the introduction of the new Legendary card Khadgar, a plethera of possibilities are open to our eyes. This new card is a 2-mana 2/2 minion that duplicates the amount of minions you summon with each effect. Initially you would not associate Mage with summoning a lot of stuff. But if you think about it there are a lot of summoning effect already in the game for Mage.

One of the best things Mage can summon is Ragnaros the Firelord, this thanks to Janalai’s effect once you deal 8 damage with your hero power. So for a 9-mana play you can play Khadgar AND THEN Janalai to get TWO RAGNAROS, not just dealing 16 damage to your opponent but forcing him to deal with them quick.

Another 9 mana play more common than you think would be Khadgar and Astromancer, summoning at best two 8-mana minions. And of course if you combine Khadgar with Vex Crow you can fill your board easily with a couple of cheap spells.

Finally we have the new Power of Creation spell, which discovers a 6-mana minion and summons 2 copies of it. Add Khadgar to the equation and you have an incredible 10-mana play: four 6-mana minions is a board to be feared.

Treasure Rogue
Hearthstone Treasure Rogue
Source: Blizzard

If any of you have gotten away with a cheap win thanks to Marin the Fox and one of the incredibly powerful treasures, prepare to be excited about the new Heistbaron Togwaggle. This new Rogue Legendary allows you to CHOOSE an incredible treasure if you control a Lackey, a pretty simple condition for that much of a reward. Lets remember the available treasures: Tolin’s Goblet (draws a card and fills your hand with copies of it), Wondrous Wand (draw 3 cards and they cost 0), Zarog’s Crown (discover a legendary and summons 2 copies of it), and Golden Kobold (transforms your hand in random legendaries).

So the idea here is to maximize our use of the treasure, so as fun as it may sound to transform a lot of Lackeys in your hand into Legendary minions, most of the time the best choice would be the Wondrous Wand, because cards that cost 0 mana can become extremely powerful and allow for crazy combos. Just imagine a 0-mana Malygos, copy it with a Faceless Manipulator, and destroying your opponent with +10 spell damage.

And of course, Rogue has ways to repeat this effect: Spirit of the Shark will allow you to get 2 Wondrous Wands, and you can even shuffle more Togwaggles in your deck with Lab Recruiter or Togwaggle’s Scheme. It can get pretty outlandish the more you think about it, and with sufficient finesse, the deck built around it will make the best out of the treasure.

Dragon Paladin

Hearthstone Dragon Paladin


Two Paladin cards have been revealed that allows us to dream about this powerful archetype: Bronze Herald and Dragon Speaker. The Bronze Herald is a 3/2 dragon that adds two 4/4 dragons to your hand as a deathrattle effect, and having dragons in your hand is perfect because Dragon Speaker gives all dragons in your hand +3/+3.

If we add this to the strong Classic dragons (such as Ysera or Alexstrasza) and the dragon support from previous expansions (Firetree Witchdoctor lets you discover a spell with a dragon in hand, Scalworm helps you clean the board and get to that late game, and we will finally have a use for Cathedral Gargoyle), including the two dragons from Rastakhan’s Rumble: Dragonmaw Scorcher and Crowd Roaster, we just need a few more cards to make this work in Paladin.

Shadow Madness Priest…. with a twist
Hearthstone Shadow Madness


Priests are infamous for their ability to turn a 2/4 minion into a 48/48 one in a single turn, and with Shadow Madness they can even do it to your minions. But what if a Priest could just take ANY minion from you and destroy you with it?

With this new card it is possible… Lazul’s Scheme allows you to lower the attack of an enemy minion to that sweet-spot of 2 or 3 and snatch it. So watch as your Deathwing is mind controlled and buff to one-shot you. Pretty fun huh?

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