NetherRealm Studios Clears Up Mortal Kombat 11 Store and Krypt Confusion

NetherRealm Studios Clears Up Mortal Kombat 11 Store and Krypt Confusion

There’s a lot of confusion to the way krypt boxes are setup, as well as the online Mortal Kombat 11 store. Tyler Lansdown and Derek Kirtzic of NetherRealm Studios cleared things up in a recent stream.

Misinformation and Confusion

Since Mortal Kombat 11 was released earlier in the week, users were coming up with some alarming numbers pertaining to online purchases. One user reported that purchasing all the skins in Mortal Kombat would cost you $6440. This created some sort of panic within the community. However, Ed Boon, the designer, programmer of the Mortal Kombat series chimed in recently on Twitter calling that number preposterous.

Since the game was just released a few days ago, most users most likely didn’t have the luxury to play the game much and realize that most of the items can be earned by playing towers of time, as well as buying things from the krypt.

There has also been confusion as the way the Krypt Boxes work, making things complicated for players. Maximilian DOOD, for example, is one of the most popular fighting game streamers in the world. He has been streaming fighting games for years, and even he was left confused by the whole idea. Well, NetherRealm Studios have finally chimed in to explain some of the confusion that players have been facing.

NetherRealm Studios To the Rescue
NetherRealm Studios Tyler Lands Derek Kirtzic Mortal Kombat 11
NetherRealm Studios

During a recent stream from NetherRealm Studios Twitch channel had Tyler Lansdown (Community Manager) and Derek Kirtzic (Senior Systems Designer) attend some of the concerns that people have been posting online. Specifically, they wanted to talk about what you can and cannot buy in their store, as well as the Krypt boxes issue.

Tyler Lansdown cleared things up about the store, saying,

“none of the in-game currency hearts, souls, coins, that sort of thing. None of those are for sale. You cannot buy consumables, you cannot buy augments. You cannot purchase anything that impacts game-play at all.”

Derek jumped in and continued, saying “so anything that you would need to progress through the Krypt to unlock chests or what-not, you cannot purchase those in the store. You will not ever be able to. Just cosmetics.”

Additionally, Derek spoke about the confusion around the Krypt boxes.

Tyler said that they’ve never really explained how the Krypt boxes work, and asked Derek to explain how they are setup.

Derek said:

“There is some speculation about how the Krypt rewards are distributed. Upon entering the krypt, each player is presented with their own custom krypt experience that contains about 600 hundred chests filled with rewards., The content of each of these chests are exactly the same for every player. So, their locations thought are unique to the individual. Except for the very special chests. Those are the same for everyone. So if you’ve been in the krypt and see a chest that hows Shao Kahn, like those are in specific locations.”

Derek finished off saying that two players that opened all the chests towards the end will eventually have the same reward. Both Derek and Tyler finished the stream hoping that they have answered all the questions and concerns that the community has.

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